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Top 8 Best Tesla Apps

Tesla has revolutionized the smart vehicle market and we all know some of the characteristics of this electric car, but did you know which are the most appropriate applications if you have an electric car? Top 8 Best Tesla Apps

The car company has surprised the world with its innovations such as the first autonomous models and designs that are capable of talking to pedestrians , among others.

Currently, all the latest generation cars have an interface in which we can transfer our smartphone to the vehicle.

Below, we list some applications that will help improve the driving experience .

The importance of the official application

You have to take into consideration the official application of the brand. It is a basic and essential app for any owner of one of these vehicles.

With this application we can control various aspects of our car from the smartphone : raise and lower windows , turn on lights, unlock the car and even to indicate that it is approaching where we are.

With this application we can also receive notifications : warnings about the state of the battery or new system updates .

Top 8 Best Tesla Apps

To improve the driving experience

Another essential app is A Better Routeplanner , the best route planner for electric cars .

The app makes a calculation of the trip, indicates how long you should charge at each charging point and tries to make you the fastest route . A Better Routeplanner offers the option of real-time calculations if you connect it through the interface it has.

Another application is Electromaps , the best app to use in Spain as it shows all the charging points spread throughout the territory.

Stats is another application that must be taken into consideration. It is only available on iPhone , and its purpose is to offer detailed data of the car Top 8 Best Tesla Apps.

Current means of transport are closer to the future thanks to the fact that everything around us is connected. In fact, with Telefónica’s Movistar Car you can turn your car into a safer and more intelligent one.

With Movistar Car you have services such as Wi-Fi in the vehicle , emergency care, maintenance alerts and offers in service areas. Thanks to this device you can get the most out of your car regardless of its age.

If you have an electric vehicle , the best thing you can do is charge it at home. However, when it comes to going out, it is better to avoid the bad time of being stranded due to lack of battery.

Luckily, in Spain and other European countries, several areas have been enabled with charging point operators (CPO) . So before going on a trip with your plug-in car, we recommend that you plan your route well and make your stops coincide with meal or snack times.Best 8 applications for electric cars and locate charging points

Best 8 applications for electric cars and locate charging points

The best applications for electric cars and locating charging points

  • Charge Map
  • Open Charge Map
  • Next Charge
  • Charge and Parking
  • Plugshare
  • Electromaps
  • Google Maps
  • Electro – EMT

Google Play has been a very useful store for Android users for many years, this time with the new revolution in electric vehicles, there are more apps available every

Charge Map

Charge Map

Find charging stations with Charge Map

Charge Map is a very popular app with over half a million users. It offers you information about charging points near your area and guides you in planning trips.

Until now, the platform includes around 300,000 charging points identified in its database and more are added every day. In addition, you will be able to share your opinions and photos of enabled CPOs with all members of the community.Google Play | Charge Map

Open Charge Map

Open Charge Map

Open Charge Map: maps and location of charging point operators

Open Charge Map is another of the best applications for electric cars and locating charging points that exist so far. It offers detailed information on the charging points present around your area and anywhere in the world.

In addition, it is a platform where everyone can collaborate, that is, you can send photos of new charging points, collection locations, opinions , comparisons and comments in general, just like a social network.Google Play | Open Charge Map

Next Charge

Next Charge

Next Charge: EV station location and filters

Next Charge is an application found in the Google Play Store, and like Charge Map and Open Charge Map , it is responsible for offering its users detailed and exact information on the charging points available for electric vehicles.

travel time according to your location. It is totally free and you can access it at any time. Its interface is intuitive and complete .Google Play | Next Charge

Charge and Parking

Charge and Parking-2

Charge and Parking: find and share charging points

Charge and Parking is one of the 8 apps for electric cars and locating charging points . Its interface is comfortable and super organized . Its function is no different from the rest, since its objective is to offer the location of recharging points (CPO) in real time through maps.

In addition, you will be able to give your own opinion and share experiences with other users with plug-in vehicles. The most important thing is that you can reserve your recharging point and plan your long trips thanks to its system.Google Play | Charge and Parking



Plugshare – find trustworthy and secure upload sites

Plugshare is an app to find reliable and safe electric car recharging sites . It offers availability of at least 300,000 CPO points in areas near your location and in real time.

Among the main networks we have Tesla , ChargePoint, SemaCharge, GE WattStation and more. In addition, it is possible to filter the information to obtain greater precision in the results. Its interface is easy to use and any user can give their contribution with reviews and photos .Google Play | Plugshare


Electromaps , as its name indicates, is an application that offers location maps of recharging points for electric cars .

With this platform you can activate top-ups and make payments in real time under a comfortable and easy-to-use interface . It’s free and is rated positively with 4.3 stars on Google Play.Google Play | Electromaps

Google Maps

Google Maps

Travel the world faster and easier with Google Maps

Who does not know Google Maps ? Google Maps is the most popular application to locate areas, places, local neighborhoods and places of enjoyment such as restaurants, shops, hotels and more .

Of course, it works as one of the best apps to locate charging points in Spain and other European countries. All you have to do is enter “charging points for electric cars” , “electric charging” or “EV charging stations” in the search engine and the system will immediately filter the information and show the closest points.Google Play | Google Maps

Electro – EMT

Electro – EMT

Electro – EMT: nearby recharging points

If you live in Madrid and have an electric car, then Electro – EMT is one of those applications that should not be missing from your mobile device. It shows you a detailed map with the charging points near your area and you can ensure the availability of charging and payments through the platform.

The best of all is that you will be able to recharge balance with your credit card under a clean and organized interface . It’s free and available on the official Android store.Google Play | Electro – EMT

As you can see, this is our selection of the best apps to charge electric cars in Spain and other parts of Europe. So if you want to locate charging points , plan trips and look at routes, these applications are ideal for you.

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