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The sun can be extremely beneficial for general health, vitamin D replenishment, feet and hands exposed for 15 to 20 minutes daily. However, sunscreen is essential when it comes to skin care, anti-aging protection, mainly against UVA and UVB rays.

And using sunscreen is not only important in summer, or at high temperatures and high exposure to the sun, but every day, given that the sun’s rays cause irreversible damage to the skin and accelerate the aging process ( mainly on the face).

Sunscreen, best on the market. Illustrative picture.

See a ranking of the 10 best types of sunscreen and choose one to protect you on a daily basis

Surely you must have already observed the factors presented on the packaging, that is, the numbers marked right on the front, however, what you may not know is that they are not linked to a scale of lesser or greater protection, but of durability , which means that a sunscreen of SPF30 will last less time on the skin than an SPF99, for example.

And to stay on top of the best types of sunscreen available on the market, we chose 10 best suited to take care of your skin.

1. Idéal Soleil Clarify SPF 60 Sunscreen – Vichy

Ideal for the face and for those with blemishes on the skin, Idéal Soleil protects against sun rays, lightens all types of blemishes, evens out and mattifies.

The product even has something called micro-exfoliants that are capable of gradually remove the hyperpigmentation cells that cause spots.

It is still a dry solar filter, that is, it does not smear the skin and still leaves a slight pleasant smell on the skin.

2. Perfect Milk SPF50 Facial Sunscreen – Bioré

This is Japan’s number one sunscreen brand, the perfect milk it still has a dry touch, does not leave the skin sticky, is very practical to use and suitable for different skin types.

That is, if you are part of the team of those with oily skin, you can use sunscreen without fear. It can still be used at different times of the year without restrictions.

3. Facial Sunscreen With Pink Stick Color SPF90 – Pink Cheeks

Stick protector that frees you from lazy moments when applying, comes in different skin tones (referring to base tones). Pink Cheeks, still has in its formula vitamin E, potent antioxidant that has the ability to fight free radicals and skin aging.

The SPF90 sun protection factor means a long duration that stays on the skin for much longer, protecting you.

4. Facial Sunscreen Fotop Fusion Water 5 Stars SPF60 – Isdin

Smooth and light texture and quickly absorbed by the skin, O Photop, is not a sticky on the skin, with a very saturated texture, it was also specially developed to be used outdoors, ideal for those who sweat a lot.

It also guarantees 2 hours of direct skin protection against ultraviolet rays, and it can even be applied on wet skin, that is, if you go to the sea or pool, you need to take your sunscreen from Isdin, photop.

5. Episol SEC OC SPF 60 Facial Sunscreen – Mantecorp Skincare

Imagine having your skin’s oiliness completely controlled for 12 hours through the sunscreen. Know that the Episol SEC OC, it is a solar filter that does that and much more, after all it is among the top five, since it also has collagen in the formula and antioxidants.

Skin with acne, with a lot of oiliness this sunscreen is still very dry on the skin, mattifies and even shrinks pores with dilation, perfect for oily skin and can be found in SPF30, SPF60 and SPF99, for different durations and skin protection .

6. Neo Dermo Etage Facial Sunscreen Defense SPF 70 – Eudora

If you want protection against UVA and UVB rays, preventing stains and aging, it is ideal. It still prevents stains against visible light, perfect for example for those who work exposed to electronics such as computers and screens.

In the composition of the solar filter you find important components such as vitamin E omega 3 and 6.

7. Anthelios Hydra AOX 60

The absorption of Anthelious Hydra it’s super fast, still has anti-aging action and a great protection factor, factor 60. Ideal for anyone who loves a sunscreen with a light texture and an invisible finish.

8. Bioderma Nude Touch 50

This is a kind of tinted mineral sunscreen for oily skin, and o Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch it still helps to disguise the marks and prevent new carnations and pimples. Gradually, it also reduces the oiliness of the region through the Fluidactiv™ patent, softens the skin texture with the action of Salicylic Acid.

It should always be reapplied after intense sweating, swimming or bathing, drying with a towel and during exposure to the sun.

  • Get 8 hours of 100% mineral UVA/UVB protection with it
  • Even out your complexion and brighten with natural, lightweight coverage
  • Day after day, reduces oiliness, refines skin texture and helps prevent new blackheads and whiteheads
  • Reduce all imperfections day after day.

9. Sunscreen NiveaSun 70 – Nivea

It can be used both on the face and on the body and is oil free, within the recommendations for use, it is applied abundantly before exposure to the sun, always reapplying after intense sweating, contact with water or when drying with a towel.

It still has a firm texture and does not stick to the skin like other products, it is not a foundation product, and is suitable for face and body.

  • Very high protection against UVA/UVB rays.
  • Oil free.
  • ultra smooth texture
  • Waterproof
  • Prevents skin aging caused by exposure solar;
  • Light and dry touch.
  • Reduction and control of skin shine;

10. Minesol Oil Control, Neostrata

It has an anti-oil action, with a dry touch for the whole day, oil control that does not clog pores, and was developed with a group of dermatologists especially for Brazilian skin.

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