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Top 10 of the best applications for companies in 2023

It is clear that every business needs human resources as the main gear for it to work, however, applications for companies that have been created in digital times, They are the necessary support for the business to continue growing.

Technology is designed to facilitate processes, and when used properly, it can become the best ally of any entrepreneur.

So before looking for applications for your business, first define what your business needs are and how you can use technology to your advantage.

Recommended apps to grow your business

It is important that you know that not all applications are designed to be used in any context.

You will even find all kinds; free, paid, with technical features, and others that anyone can use regardless of their knowledge.

We give you an example: If you manage work teams in your business, then you will know that you need digital tools so that each person has the ability to do their job optimally.

This is why every entrepreneur must fully understand that the investments they make both at the beginning of their business and throughout the growth process must be strategic and valuable.

It is not about hiring staff to have a great work team, nor about having a number of tools just in case, or because you assume that they will work well.

It is about thinking strategically how to optimize absolutely all the resources of your business, so that whatever you are undertaking, it becomes a profitable and sustainable business.

Once you have this clear is when these appear applications for companies that will facilitate the administration and growth of your businesswhich will allow you to focus on what is truly important for the future of your venture.

Let’s see what are the recommended applications.

1. NordVPN

Regardless of whether you have a large company, or a one-person venture, having a good VPN system on your computer will protect you at all levels.

From protecting your IP and the files you send or download, a good VPN gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is protected at all levels.

Digital security in your business:

Security in your business works at all levels, in this case, the Internet is one of the most important spaces that you should consider when thinking about an app for your company that covers this aspect.

Downloading files, sending documents and the intervention of various devices within your business system can generate security gaps that you need to cover immediately.

All this is called cybersecurity and it is something that you should consider carefully so that you do not have problems in the future.

For this, there are these types of apps for companies that help you cover yourself and that generate security and privacy blocks that will give you priceless peace of mind.

Access the application: Click here


When you start to think about developing that business idea that you have been evaluating for a long time, you will find that one of the first essential steps is to create your website.

A fundamental step for the creation of your website is the choice of the hosting service, which is the place where your website will be hosted on the Internet.

A good hosting service allows you to host your website, manage your company’s domain and manage emails.

To start your website from scratch, we recommend Hostinger’s hosting service, which offers you multiple services in Spanish, 24-hour support and a secure platform.

And the best thing is that, by entering the code EMPRENDIENDOHISTORIAS, you have an additional discount.

Access the app: Click here

3.Google Analytics

As you well know, Google is a whole universe in which you find so many options that you can be covered from different fields at a professional level.

This is an app for small businesses and consolidated businesses that you should take into account when making a good analysis of what is happening in your business on a daily basis.

Identifying patterns, obtaining figures and identifying behaviors of your customers will allow you to make decisions at the right time.

You will also be able to monitor the Return on your investment (ROI) so that you know what things you are doing well and what you should implement to improve.

Access the app: click here


You may wonder, how does this application for companies work? Well, very simple, it is a program designed so that through an app to improve productivity you can work as a team in a flexible but organized way.

It facilitates access between team members so that they can communicate quickly, generating good performance when doing shared tasks.

It is perfect for remote work, since anyone who uses it can enter from any place, time and workspace.

It is used to manage schedules, review processes and even approve tasks.


One of the biggest concerns of a business when it begins to grow and have a consolidated team is to have a space to store all the valuable information that is being generated and consolidated.

In addition, it cannot be anywhere where there is the possibility of losing the information due to an error.

In this case, Dropbox fulfills the function of being a system where files, documents, photos and designs are stored in a safe and reliable way.

It also allows access by different people so that everyone can make use of the information according to their assigned tasks.


If your business is generating valuable digital content, then this app for companies is a tool that you should consider to facilitate your processes.

This digital tool is used to plan precisely everything you are going to publish.

This ranges from postings on networks, news publication, articles for your blog, interviews, videos, images, GIFs, etc.

You can also choose the exact moment in which you want these contents to be shared; either the time, the day and the place, even choosing different time zones.

7. Trello

Within any company, it is important to always think about the organization of processes and activities.

Have you heard the phrase: how it is outside is how it is inside? This means that if your environment is in chaos, you can’t expect everything inside to work perfectly.

This applies in all aspects, personal and work.

For this reason, Trello becomes a great ally because through an app for companies, there is a sense of direction for each process and result.

It works like a web interface from a project management software, in which you will see reflected everything you have on the table in terms of tasks assigned among the members of your team.


Globalization brought with it great challenges and one of them is connecting people from anywhere in the world.

Most of the transactions today can be carried out virtually, however there are still some processes that require certain verifications, and until very recently nothing was known that could solve it.

That is why these apps for companies are born that allow you, through a secure platform, to send a digital signature to legalize or authorize something specific.

HelloSign not only allows you to generate digital signatures but also electronic ones, editable pdfs, sign documents online in word format, among other things like editing a ready-made signature.

Recommended books:


Monday is an app for companies that has invested an interesting amount of money in advertising, so chances are you’ve seen something on the internet.

It is basically an alternative to organizing teams and tasks. It works in a very creative way and has a friendly interface that can be used without much technical knowledge.

It has different edges that really allow you to have control of the entire company from virtuality.

It ranges from managing areas such as marketing, the creative and design department, sales, human resources, etc.

It has different payment plans, so you should identify which one is best for you before making the decision.

10. WhatsApp business

We cannot fail to mention WhatsApp business in our list of apps for companies, large or small, that are evolving in terms of communication with their customers.

This tool makes it easier for you to interact with customers and potential customers in a much more professional way compared to the traditional WhatsApp that most of us use on a daily basis.

This is because this version of WhatsApp allows you to automate, schedule, and respond to messages quickly. This way you will not lose any commercial opportunity or attention to your customers who require short response times.

Best of all, it’s completely free. This of course is a friendly response to your finances and an alternative that you should consider to improve your communication processes.

Access the app: click here

Advantages of using business apps

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The reality is that if you do not advance with technology, it is possible that you will not be able to continue growing as a business either and that it will be much more difficult to be sustainable over time and financially profitable.

Therefore, it is important that you consider the following advantages when installing the applications for companies that we have recommended.

  1. you will allow your business grow and become professional.
  2. You will have tools that facilitate the processes and the tasks.
  3. There will be better comunication among the members of your team.
  4. you generate a sense of seriousness when carrying out your projects.
  5. you will allow customers feel supported of a well established business.
  6. you make sure protect your information at all times.
  7. accounts with technical service in apps to solve technical problems or doubts in their operation.
  8. In some cases you will have to pay very affordable amounts and that they are worth it.
  9. many of these small business apps are freeso you have a point in your favor.
  10. Are tools are at your fingertipsfor use on different mobile devices.

Professionalize your business with these applications for companies:

It is time to take that turn that you were waiting for to see your business, your company grow or to give shape to the idea that you have been imagining for so long.

Use technology to your advantage by accessing these business applications and put better processes in place so you can be as successful as you’ve always wanted.

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