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Toni Kross criticized the design of the Real Madrid shirt: “It’s not a football shirt, it’s a big m***

Toni Kross criticized Real Madrid’s 2022-2023 season shirt for its design with a polo necka design that is not comfortable for the players and that the German does not seem suitable.

“We have a neck again this season. A polo shirt is not a soccer jersey. To all designers out there, that’s big bullshit. Kits with collars are not good, they are uncomfortable and ugly”, said the Real Madrid midfielder.

Real Madrid always have shirts for each season and this year they returned with a button-down collar. The away and alternative shirts do not have this type of design, although most matches are played with the local team.

Kross also revealed on his podcast which is his favorite Real Madrid jersey during his time with the Spanish team since the 2014 season. The German revealed that it was the one from the 2019-2020 season with which they won the league that had golden edges.

“It has been, by far, the most beautiful shirt I have ever played with. The truth is that for a year I said to myself: we have to win a title with this shirt. If we don’t win a title with this shirt, it’s an absolute impudence and a lack of respect for the shirt. Thank God, in the end we were champions”, said Kroos.

The midfielder revealed that he always took them home and that he did not like to exchange them with players from other teams.

“Sometimes, I didn’t even want to change it. I wanted to take her home, even though she was already 60, because I knew that at some point they would be taken from my hands.“.

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