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Tommy Körberg about the severe illness – was on a ventilator for four days

Tommy Körberg hovered between life and death when, two years ago, he was affected by a bacterium that settled on his heart. When he recently visited Carina Bergfeldt’s talk show, he opened up about the tough times.

Photo: SVT

Just over two years ago, the popular artist Tommy Körberg became seriously ill. When a bacterium made its way to his heart, he ended up on a ventilator for four days. He was hospitalized during the pandemic and was therefore also unable to receive visits from his then twelve-year-old daughter. “But I try not to think too much about it,” says Tommy in the program. “It was really hard, but it was very good that they caught me in time.”

Was losing my voice

After four days on a respirator, he had lost a lot of muscle and when he was finally allowed to come out, he had to train his body. But it wasn’t just the body that took a beating, the voice was also threatened. By practicing on stairs and after being advised to “sing away” the problem, he began to recover, and his voice returned.

The days in the respirator made him the most angry, he says in the interview. “I was quite angry, I was pissed off. I’m so stubborn, so I didn’t want to lie here and disconnect from life.”

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