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Tom Brady retirement: How much money does the winningest quarterback in NFL history have?

Tom Brady is considered the best quarterback of all time.

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Tom Brady left the NFL again something that surprised many people, but at the same time it also generated many memes in order to cope a little with the farewell to the winningest quarterback in the history of sports in the United States. However, this is not the only thing that has been generated, Well, many wonder, how much money does Tom Brady have after his retirement?

According to information released by Celebrity NetWorth and with information from Forbes, the fortune of the winningest quarterback in NFL history with seven Super Bowls, amounts to 250 million dollarswhich he managed to win during the 23 seasons in which he played for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Nevertheless, this wouldn’t be all the money the NFL legend ownssince other sources indicate that Brady also has an extra 180 million or so in his pockets due to advertising contracts and other businesses. that he has created throughout his career, clothing line, his fitness book, his supplement brand, (among others)according to Sportico.

Now, if we join both data we see what the recently retired is like He has approximately 430 million dollars in his account after everything he has done in his long and successful career in which he managed to participate in 10 of the 57 editions of the definition of American football, achieving a positive record of seven wins (6 with Patriots and 1 with Buccaneers) and three losses (all with New England).

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