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Toboggan shelf: how to install

Shelves are items that can be used in different spaces of the house, such as living room, kitchen, service area, bedroom, home office and bathroom. They favor the organization of environments and also contribute to the decoration.

The toboggan shelf can be installed like a regular shelf. (Photo: Disclosure)

There are many models of shelves available on the market, which vary in terms of size, shape and color. One of the versions most sought after by consumers is the toboggan shelf, characterized by the small drop in its structure.

At toboggan shelves help keep environments in order, especially when the horizontal area is limited. Installing these pieces on the walls is also a way to save space.

What this article covers:

How to install toboggan shelf?

THE toboggan shelf installation it is carried out like that of the common shelf. During the process, it is essential to use appropriate materials and test the firmness of the support.

Check out the following step by step to install toboggan shelf🇧🇷

1. With the aid of a tape measure, measure the appropriate height (preferably at least 1.60 m from the ground).

two. Use a pencil to make the appointment height and then pass a masking tape. This protection will make the sides not be so bruised.

The walls must be drilled carefully. (Photo: Disclosure)

3. Carefully check the shelf size and thickness to get an idea of ​​how many screws and plugs will be used.

4. Make the holes with the drill, respecting the marking.

5. Remove the masking tape and place the bushing very carefully so as not to widen the holes.

6. Insert the screws until you feel that they are well tightened.

7. put the toboggan shelf supportfitting it onto the screw.

8. Fit the shelf and adjust it carefully. The part can also be fitted directly into the bushing with a screw.

Fit the shelf and adjust it carefully. (Photo: Disclosure)


– O drill size cannot be different from the bushing size.

– It is worth remembering that many shelves are not accompanied by support, just bushings and screws🇧🇷 In these cases, it is necessary to use a fitting behind the shelf.

– The more weight support the shelfthe stronger your wall installation🇧🇷

– To check that the shelf is not bent, use a spirit level.

– If the shelf is very long, it is recommended to use two supports or more.

– The 12 mm thick chipboard shelves for heavy loads require a spacing of 45 cm between the supports. If the load is light, the space can be 60 cm.

– If the shelf is laminated or natural wood, it must be installed with 75 cm spacing between the supports to withstand heavy loads. The measurement of the space to handle light loads is 90 cm.

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