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To which zodiac signs do the most toxic people belong, according to astrology?

The 12 signs of the zodiac, like qualities, have defects that in their worst expression affect the people around them, however, some have more difficulties controlling their dark side to the point of becoming extremely toxic.

A toxic person is characterized by having a self-centered, narcissistic and manipulative personality that negatively influences others, explain sites such as Psicoadapta.es and Significados.com.

The patterns that it presents are the lack of empathy, belittling the ideas and achievements of those close to them, judging and criticizing, in addition, they do not regret the damage caused or accept their mistakes.

Although everyone in the horoscope can develop some of these negative patterns, that is, no one escapes being a toxic sign, astrology tells us that it is possible that some signs become toxic more easily. The Anytime Astro site highlighted who these signs are and why they are the most toxic in the Zodiac.

The ranking is headed by people who are Scorpios because they have a bad reputation for being harsh and distant, in addition, do not tempt their hearts to express their disagreementsand in their bad times they have a negative perspective of life, as we would popularly say “they see the glass half empty”.

“They could complain a lot, ruin the mood and depress people with their pessimistic perspective,” says the portal specialized in astrology, which is why it is considered the most toxic sign.

Known for being the rebel of the ZodiacAquarius is a toxic sign when it wants to cause controversy just by going against the grain.. She does not like stereotypes or being told what to do, although she is an idealist and a humanist, she can go to extremes in order to impress others.

“They enjoy talking over others, confronting others, and engaging in conflict. Aquarius will do everything possible to make sure you are aware of your intelligence ”Anytime Astro highlighted, so his personality is one of the most toxic.

As an emotionally sensitive sign, Cancer has the potential to be one of the most toxic signs in the Zodiac. He has a positive side that is friendly, loyal and protective, however, at his darkest he can become irritable, aggressive and obsessive.

“The propensity to play the victim whenever possible is a trait shared by Cancers,” he noted.

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