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To which zodiac signs do the most false friends belong, according to astrology?

Fake friends can be hard to spot, and you may find out they’re out of interest until it’s too late. It turns out that the horoscope will help us predict What kind of friends are the most hypocritical, according to their zodiac sign.

According to astrology it is likely that women of these zodiac signs reach out to you when they need you to do something for themThey adopt a loving attitude and pretend to be your best friends, but they disappear if you are the one who requires their support.

Of course, these signs do not always behave like this, but are more likely to be false friends with those who do not feel a true connection. They are loyal to few people because they don’t open their hearts easily, so you shouldn’t take it personally, maybe with time a sincere friendship will be born. Who are these signs? Get to know them below.

Gemini women have the worst reputation in the Zodiac. They point them out as two faces because of their chameleonic personality. They know how to easily adapt to any circumstance, which can be considered hypocritical.

If they are at the top of this list, it is partly because it is also one of the most envied and misunderstood signs, but it is also true that they act prioritizing their interests.

To Sagittarius women have a hard time forming strong friendships They tend to be independent. They may see for themselves and reach out to you when they want something, like you accompany them on a trip, but they will ditch you if they find an opportunity for a one-night stand.

Leo women love to be the center of attention and will involuntarily steal the eyes of all your friends. According to the Thoughtcatalog.com portal can pretend to be someone they are not when they have a goal in mindFor example, adopt a different attitude towards a boy to like him or enter your circle of friends.

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