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%titleMoney forgotten in the bank has been released: find out how to withdraw!

Money forgotten in the bank begins to be withdrawn on 3/7 and remains until 3/11, which is directed to people born before 1968. In this case, BC stipulated dates that will arrive until March 26!

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What is money forgotten in the bank?

Money forgotten in the bank can occur because the current account has been closed, but which had some available balance. This works for savings as well. If you remember some value, you can pick it up.

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There will be a refund of the amounts if there is any fee or other undue charges, however this factor must be inserted in the Terms of Commitments, of the central bank and signed by him.

If you participated in a consortium group that closed, but did not manage to look for available resources, you will have the opportunity to do so until March 11th. In case you miss the date, you will have the recap on the 12/3.

How to withdraw money forgotten in bank?

For people who were born before the period of 1968, they will be able to request the transfer of inactive amounts to another account. You won’t need to leave your house to do it, in order to avoid bureaucracy.

The BC will help all citizens to get the due amounts through the internet itself. For this, you just need to have access both from your cell phone and from your computer or tablet.

How do I know if I have forgotten money in the bank?

You will need to access the Valor a Receivable website, enter your CPF or CNPJ and your date of birth. Remember not to get any of your information wrong so you don’t have to go through the procedure again.

Soon after, you will be able to access the values ​​and know if you will be entitled to redeem the money. If you don’t see any kind of value, return on the date mentioned by the system itself.

If by chance the message appears: “There are no records in the receivables base”, it means that you managed to redeem all the amounts before something happened to older banks. However, if you remember not redeeming it, you will be able to access the same site on the date specified at the bottom of the page.

How to know the value of money forgotten in the central bank?

You will be able to access it on the same site, but you will need to have a gov.br account at the silver or gold levels. It is required by the website itself. You can check out a little more about this requirement on another page.

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