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Tips to renew the look of the room without spending too much

Is your room messy and in need of some changes, to go back to being that room in the house where you used to spend very pleasant hours of rest? So be sure to check out some tips to renew the look of the room without spending too much🇧🇷

Spending very little, it is possible to renew the decoration of the room a lot (Photo: Disclosure)

To get back to having the most relaxing possible in your room, you don’t have to go around buying new furniture, breaking the walls, radically changing the painting of the place or throwing away everything that is left in the room.

Just make some very simple adjustments to the decorationchange the location of some objects and use the creativityso you can get great results and a room well suited to your lifestyle, spending little money.

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What this article covers:

Tips to renew the look of the room without spending too much

The paintings can be good allies in renovating the look of the bedroom (Photo: Disclosure)

Some of tips to renew the look of the room without spending too much are the following:

– Change the bedding: the main piece of furniture in the bedroom must always be impeccable, combining the tones of the bedding set with other pieces in the room.

– Modify the lighting: change or customize the lampshade or install a pendant lamp are good alternatives.

– Apply wallpaper: it can be used on one or all the walls of the dormitory, giving a new face to the room. Stickers also work well, but be careful not to overdo it.

Shelves are another good option to change the look of the room.

– Decorate with frames: if you have a nice collection of frames, you can use them in the room decortaking turns to avoid monotony.

– Carpet: it can make the environment more cozy, especially if used on cold floors (ceramic, porcelain or stone). Printed models give an extra charm.

– Space for photos: setting up a photo wall with family and friends, in addition to images of remarkable moments, is something that makes the environment more personalized.

Other alternatives

Investing in new lighting and curtains and blinds is something that also helps (Photo: Disclosure)

There are still several other tips for changing bedroom decorhow to install shelves in the room, which are cheap and very versatile, having different uses, such as organizing books and magazines.

You can also invest in furniture renovation, to give a new life to the bed, chairs, nightstands, chests of drawers and desks. Often, it is enough just to renew (or change) the painting and replace damaged parts.

Something that cannot be left out is the window, which can get a new curtain or Blind, depending on your taste. In addition to contributing to the decoration, both items provide greater privacy and help to control the entry of external light into the environment.

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