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Tips to make your closet small and cheap

Is looking for Tips to make your closet small and cheap🇧🇷 The closet makes the room more functional, elegant, personalized and beautiful. In addition to facilitating the organization of clothes, it also offers greater convenience to the resident and contributes to the decoration of the environment. With its format adaptable to space and modern design, the closet emerged as an alternative to replace the wardrobe.

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Tips to make your closet small and cheap – Learn how to make a beautiful closet without spending a lot (Photo: Disclosure)

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Tips to make your closet small and cheap

The closet is a different environment in the house that can be done without spending a lot. Adopting a closet at home corresponds to a perfect expansion proposal, especially if the resident is not satisfied with the size of his wardrobe. check below tips to make your closet small and cheap🇧🇷

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You can replace your wardrobe and put the closet in the same place (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Enjoy a part of your home

The mess room, the attic or any room that is not being used indoors can be transformed into a beautiful walk-in closet. The space will undergo a major renovation, gaining neutral colors on the walls and partitions to facilitate the organization of the pieces. Use honeycomb shelves to shape a functional and well-structured decor.

Leave a closet space to place hangers, thus working with structures that allow clothes to hang. Use strategically placed drawers to make the closet more complete. Be careful to leave the most used pieces in evidence, so it is not so difficult to find them when putting together a look.

Your closet can be made in a small environment that makes room for the hanger (Photo: Disclosure)

When there isn’t a room in the house that can be turned into a closet, the best option is to adapt the room. If it is not possible to install sliding doors to separate environments, it is worth betting on a clean curtain that makes this division. The closet will not be separated by a door, but will actually be made up of cabinets strategically placed to optimize space. The partitions and drawers that make up the furniture must be custom-designed, taking into account the needs of the resident.

Closet planned tips

Spacious, modern and charming, the closet can make a difference in the decoration of a home. It facilitates the organization of clothes, shoes and accessories, not to mention that it offers enough space to try on looks. To make it more practical and functional than a simple wardrobe, it is common to opt for custom furniture. Check below some tips to make your closet small and cheap🇧🇷

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Bet on compact closets (Photo: Disclosure)

• Avoid working with bricks and prefer carpentry, such as working with MDF.

•Leave the hangers at the top to make better use of the closet space. Avoid large shelves and use them only as support for items that cannot be hung.

• Avoid shelves that are too high for a short user.

• In closet drawers it is recommended to store items such as socks, underwear, pajamas and shirts.

• To prevent the appearance of mold in your closet, leave an air intake so that it has ventilation.

• A central focus of light in this environment will contribute to lighting, making it easier to find a piece of clothing, footwear or accessory.

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