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tips that allow you to save

If you’re one of those people who’s always ready to grab their bags for another trip, find out how and where to buy cheap flights.

Buy cheap flights it is a way not only to be able to travel more often, but also to have more budget to spend, precisely, during the trip. That said, know that there are tricks to achieve this and that will allow you to save a lot of euros.

However, before you start researching like there’s no tomorrow, there’s something important to keep in mind: there are no miracles or “free lunches”.

Currently, with rising fuel and security taxes, not even low cost manage to practice the surprising prices of a few years ago. Or if they do, the ticket price will also have other associated fees, such as seat assignment or additional luggage limitation.

Curious? Take a peek and take note of these tips to never let a good opportunity slip away again.

11 golden rules to know how to buy cheap flights


Global research aggregator

Momondo, Skyscanner, eDreams… Just choose the aggregator you prefer – or search for them all! Google Flights is also an excellent option when it comes to buying cheap flights. Indicates prices with flexible dates and enables the creation of alerts for the best prices.

So, select the desired dates and see what the aggregators have to offer. Pay attention to the fees that in the end some of them charge feesotherwise the promotion will not be so advantageous.

This will be the most important rule to know how to buy cheap flights. The problem is that there is not always flexibility in flight dates.

Even so, sometimes a difference of 2 to 3 days can mean a reduction of up to a hundred euros, if we are talking about longer trips! Plan your trip and try to get some flexibility when booking the return trip.


Opening to more than one scale

One of the alternatives to find out how to buy cheap flights is the possibility of making more than one stopover.

However, you have to do the math well: if the next stopover, for example, requires you to sleep one night in the intermediate location, it may no longer be worth choosing this strategy.


Visit the airline’s own website

Sometimes, the companies themselves run special promotions at the last minute, the “last minute” calls, or carry out other campaigns that may not appear in the aggregators. And here you can buy cheap flights to great destinations.

In this sense, it is important that you always check the airline’s own website as well. Sometimes you can have a pleasant surprise!


Buy in advance

8-10 weeks: this is approximately the timing ideal time to find out how to buy cheap flights. So, if you already have an idea of ​​when you’re going to travel, don’t forget to set a reminder to start researching in advance.


Create alert notifications

Activating notifications on airline websites or aggregator portals is another technique to consider when buying cheap flights.

Virtually all airline websites provide alert system functionality. Just go to the site, click on the days you are interested in and ask to be alerted to price fluctuations.


Know where to buy cheap flights

If you already know which destinations you want to visit in the near future and want to start analyzing prices now, it’s important to know where you can find and buy cheap flights. And, knowing where they are, it’s just a matter of some time and patience to find the best offers.

Currently, you have several platforms at your disposal that allow you to compare flight prices from various airlines, such as:

All these platforms have the advantage of identifying cheapest flights and to also indicate the airlines that fly to the destination you want. In addition, you can still search for hotel and car prices in the desired destinations.


Keep surveys secret

Is the price of a trip more expensive now than it was two hours ago? Don’t be fooled, don’t worry. This happens due to Cookies your Internet browser, which cause prices to increase when a specific route is searched repeatedly. The objective is to pressure the customer to book quickly, fearing a price increase.

The solution to this is to browse anonymously. In this way, the Cookies are reset every time you open or reopen a window and you can calmly shop for cheap flights.


Paying in other currencies may compensate

Before booking a flight, consider whether the fare is cheaper if you pay in another currency. Thus, if you have a credit card that is exempt from transaction fees abroad or another online payment system, such as paypalor until the Revolut card will help you save some more money when buying a plane ticket.


Be flexible with the destination(s)

Unless you have a strong desire or need to fly to a certain destinationleave this option open until you look at travel prices.


Use miles as payment

This tip is particularly useful for frequent travelers: flight miles can be converted into plane tickets, consequently making them cheaper or even completely free.

Ready to book trips and buy cheap flights? Good luck!

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