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Tips on how to pay IPVA 2022? The mandatory payment expense of those who have a car!

With 2022 approaching, it’s time to plan and get some tips on how to pay IPVA at the beginning of the year. A mandatory tax for those who have a car, it is important to know how to pay and what are the available ways.

What this article covers:

IPVA increase in 2022

At the beginning of each year, in January, it is time to pay state taxes such as IPTU (Urban Territorial Property Tax) and IPVA (Motor Vehicle Property Tax).

IPVA in 2022 will be more expensive | Know more

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The IPVA, specifically, will suffer a 30% increase in its value. As it is a mandatory tax, it is not possible to leave this account for later.

Mandatory payment expenses are priority

Fortunately, the IPVA will have the possibility of installments, facilitating the payment of the tax for many taxpayers. In the case of the state of São Paulo, the tax can be paid from three to five months, while in Rio Grande do Sul it can be paid in up to six months.

Drivers who opted to switch from traditional fuel to natural gas will be able to enjoy a discount on rates in the case of Rio de Janeiro.

In RS, those who pay the tax in advance can have up to 10% discount (the discount in the amount is up to 3% if payment is made in cash).

The best way to pay IPVA is to look for an alternative that is less aggressive to your pocket, either through installments or cash payment.

IPVA 2022 can be paid in up to 5 installments in SP

Tips on how to pay VAT

Here are some tips on how to pay the IPVA🇧🇷

IPVA over the internet

As it is a state tax, each Treasury Department is responsible for the availability of the various ways in which payment can be made, as the amount varies not only according to the price of the vehicle, but also according to each state.

Therefore, it is necessary to find out if your state allows payment via the internet.

To access your IPVA on the internet, you must access the website of your DETRAN (State Traffic Department) and enter the code known as RENAVAM.

After filling in the necessary data, you will have access to an option to issue the barcode referring to your IPVA and you can make the payment through your bank application or through internet banking.

If the bank is not accredited, the payment may take up to three business days to be validated.

In addition to Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econômica Federal, private banks such as: Sicoob; Bradesco; Santander; CitiBank; Daycoval; Itaú; HSBC; Mercantil do Brasil; Crop and Yield.

Payment in cash or in advance

If you are a resident of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, you can receive a 3% discount on the IPVA amount when paying in cash. Those who pay the tax in advance, the discount is even greater: 10% of the value of the IPVA.

payment in installments

In states like São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, it is possible to pay the IPVA in three to six months in installments (it is important to check with your DETRAN).

Payment with the 13th salary

The 13th salary can be a great alternative for paying the IPTU or saving for the IPVA (the value of which has not yet been disclosed).

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