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Tips on how to integrate TV into living room furniture

TV is a very important element for the living room🇧🇷 It allows the family to gather and also provides good moments of leisure. Despite the advantages of the device, people often find it difficult to assemble the decoration of the space.

The TV needs to be in harmony with the furniture in the room. (Photo: Disclosure)

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The great challenge of the residents when decorating the living room is integrate the TV into the living room furniture. They need to consider the size of the room, the type of furniture and the limitations. Everything needs to be thought out to optimize the living area and make everyday life more comfortable.

Television deserves a place of respect in the living room, but without interfering with the harmony and balance of the decor. The device also needs to be positioned at a comfortable distance so as not to make residents uncomfortable.

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Integrating TV into living room furniture: tips

There are several ways to transform the television into a functional element in the house. Check below some tips for integrating TV into living room furniture🇧🇷

• The TV should preferably be positioned with its back to the window. This precaution prevents the reflection of light from hitting the screen;

• Before buying a mobile for tvit is very important to analyze the size of the device;

• If it is not possible to avoid light leakage, it is worth investing in efficient curtains;

Before buying a piece of furniture for the TV, it is important to consider the size of the device. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Small environments call for smaller televisions. already one big room can be decorated with a larger TV;

• O wood panel to fix the TV it is a great option to compose a modern living room. The piece saves space and ensures a cleaner look;

• To compose the home theater spaceresidents can also bet on the panel with rack, a piece of furniture that has support for other objects and makes the room more complete;

• Panel with shelf represents a great solution for the living room. In addition to accommodating the TV, it also has niches for books, home furnishings and collectibles;

• For the room to present an aesthetic harmony, it is important to calculate the distance between the sofa and the TV;

• Wallpaper, when covering the wall of the TV, is capable of imparting modernity to the environment;

Sofa and TV need to keep proper distance. (Photo: Disclosure)

• The size and color of the furniture that serves as TV stand it must adapt to the rest of the furniture in the room, which includes a sofa, sideboard, coffee table and armchairs;

• Those who don’t want to work with panels in their decoration can opt for traditional shelves. The furniture must respect the size of the room and facilitate organization;

• The rack is another element that helps to harmonize the TV with the other furniture in the room🇧🇷 She, however, cannot be flashy or assume the role of protagonist.

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