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Tips for using spray paint correctly

THE spray paint It is a product that is gaining more and more space in decoration. It offers ease of application and ensures a uniform finish for different surfaces.

Spray paint is an easy-to-apply product. (Photo: Disclosure)

Placed in a metal pressure canister, spray paint is purchased ready to use. It dispenses with brushes and rollers, which avoids the dripping effect or marks that harm the final result of the painting.

Other advantage of spray paint is that it adheres to almost all types of surfaces such as wood, plaster, wicker, metal, paper, ceramic, pottery, porcelain and polyurethane. This versatility makes it possible to use the product to paint not only walls, but also furniture and many other objects, such as a bicycle.

What this article covers:

How to use spray paint correctly?

The surface to be painted must be clean and smooth. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out the following step by step to use spray paint🇧🇷

1. Prepare the part to be painted. To do this, pass a sandpaper, clean and remove all the dust.

two. Apply a background to the part. It can be prime, sealer, shellac or even latex paint.

3. Shake the can of spray paint to mix the paint with the solvent🇧🇷

4. Apply the spray paint in thin coats, using a back-and-forth motion. It is recommended to start from the outside of the piece, work your way over and finish on the other side. Between one coat and another, it is recommended to shake the tube of paint.

5. To ensure a good finish on the piece, the painter should stay approximately 30 cm away from the surface to be painted.

6. After completing the painting, turn the paint tube upside down and tighten the valve until only gas comes out. Taking this care, it is possible to avoid clogging of the product and use it in future paintings.

Before starting painting, test the spray paint on another surface. (Photo: Disclosure)

check out tips for a good spray paint application🇧🇷

– Line the floor with newspaper or plastic to reduce dirt.

– Use safety equipment, such as a mask and goggles.

– Before starting painting, test the spray paint on another surface.

– It is possible to use the technique of cross coat to apply the paintthat is, to perform movements from right to left, from top to bottom.

– By painting in thin layers, it is possible to prevent the paint from running.

– Sandpaper should be used until a smooth and uniform surface is obtained.

– The background helps to correct possible irregularities in the piece.

– It is possible to merge spray paint colorsjust use one over the other, creating a gradient effect.

– If the spray paint valve clogs, it is recommended to remove the nozzle and dip it in the paint thinner. In other works, there is the possibility of cleaning the hole with a very fine needle.

🇧🇷 Apply spray paint in a ventilated environment and avoid painting hot surfaces.

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