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Tips for using pallets in decoration

Tips for using pallets in decoration this is what we are going to comment on in the article below, bringing suggestions so that you can change the look of your home or office using this item that has become increasingly present in modern decorations, going very well for different types of environments.

Tips for using pallets in decoration

For those who don’t know, the pallets (or pallets) are those wooden structures used in industries and commerce to transport goods, and are generally discarded by companies after use.

With a good cleaning, sanding and a layer of varnish (if applicable), they can be transformed into chairs, coffee tables, decorations and even beds, being part of the decoration with reusable materials🇧🇷

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What this article covers:

Tips for using pallets in decoration

The pallet can turn into a rustic style sofa (Photo: Disclosure)

THE decoration with pallets has become a great alternative, even due to the low costs, as these wooden pallets can be found in supermarkets, large retailers, factories and even on the streets, being available for free after use, or they are sold at fairs and carpentry shops , at low prices.

For use pallets in decoration, the first tip is to check that the material is in good condition, that they are not too fragile and that they have not accumulated termites and fungi. Once this is checked and after a good cleaning with water and soap, you can use your creativity to make shelves, tables, nightstands, small cupboards and shoe racks with them, with the help of nails and a hammer.

Between the decorating tips with palletsthe material can also be used as Center table, completing the look of the room; as improvised sofas, using pillows on them; and to create a dining table and chairs set, adding an iron foot so the table doesn’t wobble.

Other suggestions

It can be used to mount up to a bed (Photo: Disclosure)

There are still several other tips for using pallets in decorationas:

– Outdoor revolving table, adding wheels on the platforms.

– Computer table, adding feet to the pallets.

– In the kitchen, as a side table or kitchen island.

🇧🇷 Sun lounger on balconies or by poolsides.

– Bed, stacking several pallets, one on top of the other, and placing a mattress on top.

– Bed for your pet by cutting the frame in a rectangular shape and adding a comfy pillow.

– Floating shelf, hung on the wall, to store photos, ornaments, etc.

– As vertical garden🇧🇷

– As a lamp.

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