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Tips for using decorative bands

Tips for using decorative bands – Currently there are thousands of options to decorate the house without spending a lot and one of the best ones invented to date is certainly the decorative strips, which can come in the form of adhesive strips, tiles and inserts. Decorative strips are well known for decorating children’s rooms, especially the adhesive ones, but the truth is that they can be used in different rooms of the house, and in addition to being super cute and cheap, they are still very easy to apply.

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Example of the decorative strip in the room.

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Tips for using decorative bands

Get to know some tips for not making mistakes when choosing the decorative strip

– When choosing the strip, it is important to pay attention to the color of the paint that will be used in the background, as they must be completely compatible, to create a pleasant and comfortable environment🇧🇷 The stripes don’t have to be outrageous, contrasting with the tone of the walls, but they don’t have to disappear completely into the decor either. Use common sense always.

Decorative banner for children’s room.

– Many people are in doubt about how and at what height to use decorative strips, some believe that the right thing is to use them only in the middle of the walls, but the truth is that there is none rule for the height of the bands🇧🇷 Ideally, before applying the strips, the entire room and its decoration should be evaluated, including furniture, windows and switches. After taking into account the height of these objects, it is possible to define the best height to apply the band.

Decorative tile band in the bathroom.

– The decorative strips can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and in several other rooms in the house, the important thing when choosing the strip for each location is always to evaluate the furniture, the decoration style of each environment and the It works well in certain places. For example, bathroom strips are usually in shades of blue, which reminds us of cleanliness, in girls’ rooms they are usually pink or lilac, in kitchens they are in shades of green, orange and so on.

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Decorative tile strips on kitchen walls and stairs.

Decorative Strips for Home

🇧🇷 Adhesive decorative strips they are more suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, among others, as these places are more welcoming, and do not need so much cleaning on the walls, so that the adhesive decorative strips will always be well preserved. Kitchens and bathrooms combine more with decorative tile strips and insertswhich are more resistant and can be washed without any problem.

By following these tips, you can have a cozy and well-decorated home for very little money.

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