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Tips for the best loans to apply for

Want tips from best loans to apply for?? For those who are in need of extra money, the solution may be the Federal Savings Bank loan which has a wide range of credit options for both individuals and companies. Even though most products require customers to prove their income, the products offered can be an excellent alternative for you.

if you want to do Loans as Individuals to be able to balance your budget and pay off debts, to take a trip with the whole family, to renovate your house or to buy a new car, Caixa has an ideal loan for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the best loans to apply for credit.

What this article covers:

Best loans to apply for: Know the Caixa loan

As we have already mentioned, Caixa Econômica Federal has available different lines of loans for Companies and Individuals. Individuals, for example, can take out loans for:

  • Financing the purchase of vehicles
  • Use without justification: Payroll Loan, Pledge and Personal Credit
  • Travel
  • Buying or building your own home: Housing Credits and ConstruCard
  • Vocational training and education
  • Invest in your ventures: Rural Credit and for Your Business

Each of these lines offers different possibilities to Caixa account holders and some to non-account holders, with specific conditions of fees and payment, in addition to the easy release of the requested money.

Who can take out a Caixa loan?

Among the norms for contracting credit, the first requirement, in most cases, is that the interested party has a current account at Caixa Econômica Federal. This may be necessary for Caixa to assess credit repayment capacity.

The account will also be necessary to carry out the debits, which eliminates the use of other forms of payment, such as check or bill. Depending on the order placed by the customer, the requirements may vary:

  • Submission of proofs and personal documents;
  • No restrictions (“dirty name”) on credit protection agencies (SPC and Serasa)
  • For some loan options, the Bank may request some additional documentation. In the case of a loan with a property guarantee, for example, it will be necessary to register the same.
  • Still on secured loans, not all options available from Caixa require this. If you opt for the Payroll Loan, it does not ask for any type of guarantee. However, other loans, such as own property, cannot be approved without a residence guarantee.

About the credit options, an interesting point is that Caixa offers a modality in which it is possible to deliver some personal object of value to obtain the loan.

How to apply for a cash loan

If you have already decided to take out a loan and have chosen to take it from Caixa Econômica Federal, you will have to follow a small step by step, but keep in mind that there may be other steps depending on the type of credit. The basic process is:

  • Solicitation
  • profile analysis
  • contract signature
  • money release
  • payment of installments

In the first step you will indicate how much money you need, how long you want to pay off the debt, how much you can pay monthly, if you have any kind of guarantee, among other important points. All this so that the bank can quickly analyze which offers are most suitable for you. This request can be made online in some cases and in person at your agency.

If you go to an agency in person, you will have to present basic identification documents and receipts. With all this information, the bank performs a profile analysis to present you with a definitive credit proposal. This analysis can be done right away or take a few days, depending on the type of credit requested.

If you are in agreement with the credit proposal received and the other conditions, the next step is to sign the contract and wait for the money to be released to be able to use it. The release of capital can occur immediately or take up to 30 days depending on the type of loan. After release, you start paying the installments on the agreed date to avoid inconvenience.

How to make an online loan at Caixa?

For ease and convenience of customers, currently the Caixa Econômica Federal and most financial institutions allow their customers to operate and take out loans online.

Some credit lines from Caixa are available for contracting, but be aware that not all of them are. In addition to going to the agencies in person, the ways to hire are:

  • Internet Banking
  • Application
  • ATMs

To take out a loan online at Caixa Econômica Federal you need to be an account holder, this ensures that you can access your account to apply for credit. Each hiring method has its own indications, but the step-by-step process is very simple and intuitive.

Main Payment Methods

Most options have their payment made by debiting the current account. The installments are fixed, that is, they will discount the same amount every month. The payroll loan will go directly to the INSS or payroll benefit.

Loan for individuals

You can apply for personal credit as soon as you have a checking account at Caixa. As for the payment methods, it can be done in current debit or in fixed installments.

If you already receive your salary at Caixa, it is possible to contract the CDC Salary, which has lower interest rates, around 5% per month. Regarding the term, you can pay in up to 48 months.

Those who are account holders but do not receive a salary at Caixa, it is possible that the automatic CDC loan will compensate more. You can use this line of credit whenever you want, as it is available to be requested at any time.

To apply for the loan, you can choose to do it online through the Internet Banking, or the traditional way, through an ATM. The money is usually released automatically and the amount charged will be paid in 48 installments. The limit for the salary CDC or automatic CDC is R$30,000, while the minimum amount is R$150.00.

Payroll loans

This product is aimed at people who work in associated bodies or companies, retirees and INSS pensioners. Generally, payroll loans tend to be a type of loan with lower rates, which in some situations can be lower than 2% per month.

As for the secured loan, although the bank requires your property to be sure that the debt will be paid off, it is a great way to get quick money and pay lower fees.

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