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Tips for the best loans for bad debts

Got a dirty name and need money? Did you know that some financial institutions offer credit for negatives? Check out the tips from best loans for negatives and get out of the red.

What this article covers:

Best loans for negatives

Currently, there are financial institutions that facilitate credit for people who are negative. If this is your case, check out the list of reliable companies and simulators to find the best credit for bad debts with great possibilities of approval.

1. Yes Loans

Offering credit online and quickly, Yes Loans stands out as a loan company for negatives.

In summary, the company is able to consult, evaluate and understand its financial health, with the aim of offering the best conditions. In addition, it is indicated as one of the best loan companies by Reclame Aqui.

Interest rate

From 1.73% per month to 9.14% per month.

2. Credits

already the Credits is an online credit platform that has one of the best rates on the market.

Providing credit in an intelligent way for the needs of each client, this finance company is one of the most suitable companies for those who need negative credit, through payroll loans and with guarantees.

Interest rate

From 1.75% per month to 5.32% per month.

3. Good for Credit

THE Good for Credit became a reference in the loan market, with the differential of ease of approval for those who are negative.

Good option for those who need fast credit and without a lot of bureaucracy.

Interest rate

4. Crefisa

For more than 50 years, it has provided lines of credit in an agile manner. THE Crefisa focuses on making lines of credit available to Brazilians who do not have access to this service, such as those who are negative.

Interest rate

From 2.16% per month to 22% per month.

5. Cash Me

THE CashMe is a lending platform that provides secured credit. 100% online and without bureaucracy, you can apply for credit from R$ 15,000.00.

It is recommended for those who are negative, as the secured line of credit does not use the credit score as a prerequisite.

What to do to get credit being negative?

A very important step to improve your score and getting credit while negative is opening an account at digital banks.

By opening an account at this type of bank, for example, your Serasa score automatically starts to improve. Furthermore, when you open a checking account at a financial institution, you initiate a relationship with it.

Personal loan types

Check out some types of personal loans that can be applied for:

  • Personal credit offered online
  • Payroll loans
  • Property refinancing
  • Anticipation of income tax refund
  • Anticipation of the 13th salary
  • Loan with real estate or vehicle guarantee

What documents should I submit to apply for a personal loan?

  • Official document with photo (RG, RNE)
  • CPF
  • Payment or employment card
  • Water, electricity or telephone bills
  • Authenticity rental agreement signed and authenticated

How to make an online loan simulation?

Know that you will use the platform to simulate a personal loan according to your financial needs.

To start, enter the amount you need and how long you intend to pay. Soon after, the average value of the installments will appear. A quick and practical way for you to organize yourself, even before completing the registration.

You can find different types of credit, such as credit card, negative loan and others.

At the Serasa eCred website, you simulate and compare offers from partners, such as banks, fintechs and finance companies. Just enter your CPF and then fill in the requested information, such as loan amount and installments.

Remembering that the simulations are unlimited and do not impact the Score. It is therefore a great opportunity to test different amounts and terms until you find the most suitable loan for your needs.

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