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Tips for setting up a bedroom

At the time to set up a double room, whether brand new or with renovated decoration, all you want is to add elements that have the couple’s face and that can convey peace, warmth, without leaving aside the charm and style. And it is possible to do everything, in any type of environment, be it small or large. Just be creative and follow some tips that we have prepared for you.

Double bedroom with mirrors and pendant lamps (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Double bedroom lighting

Look at the image above and notice how important it is to double bedroom lighting🇧🇷 Through it, the environment can become much more cozy and conducive to moments for two. The combination of light fixtures, even if small and simple, with mirrors is always a great option, as it ensures a feeling of spaciousness and greater lighting.

In the double bedroom above, it can be said that priority has been given to mirrors; however, the graceful side lights also add a lot of charm and warmth to the environment. Note, too, that this is a relatively simple room. What made it fun was the choice of mirrors and pendant lamps.

Headboard in mirror and dark color, in contrast to white (Photo: Disclosure)

Striking colors in the bedroom

In the image above, we can see that the highlight of the room is the color of the bedside wall, which, together with the painting and the lamps, gave the room a more modern look.

It is also worth mentioning the choice of light colors on the walls and a headboard made with mirror🇧🇷 Thus, the room was visually enlarged, also allowing the use of darker colors. This play of tones is very important when space is limited. The use of glass objects is also useful for small double rooms🇧🇷

niches and shelves

Niches and shelves are always great options for making the most of space. When well chosen and positioned, they interfere little in the visual impression, causing the impression of more amplitude. In the case of the bedroom below (which is small), the headboard wall in dark wood was chosen. However, the niches and the nightstand are white, balancing the colors of the environment.

Niches give charm and warmth to the double bedroom (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition, other decoration details for a double bedroom are white or in different colors, but delicate and cheerful. The internal lighting of the niches (with spotlights) favors the feeling of warmth and spaciousness.

For decorate the double room, try to choose things that have to do with the personality of the people who will occupy it. Small details, romantic and charming, can make all the difference.

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