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Tips for renovating your bathroom on a budget

If you want to transform your bathroom into a more inviting space, but you don’t have a lot of money to invest, you can still give that room a new face, following some tips to renovate your bathroom on a budget🇧🇷

Renovating the bathroom is something you can do even if you have a low budget.

Using the creativityobjects you already have at home and buying some cheap items, you can renovate the look of the bathroom without the need to break down walls, invest in renovations or do something crazy.

In this way, the bathroom will be even more pleasant, becoming an excellent space to relax during the shower, after a tiring day at work, and also a more organized and beautiful place where you can get ready to go out.

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Tips for renovating your bathroom on a budget

Stickers on the wall can completely change the environment (Photo: Disclosure)

for those who want renovate the bathroom on a budget, the first tip is to put some decorations on the spot. You can, for example, use flower pots (or plants) in the sink, on top of cabinets or even on the floor, and place a scent, which, in addition to decorating, also leaves a pleasant smell in the room.

At bathroom decorating tips also include the use of frames and the application of wallpaper, choosing an option that suits your style. Stickers also fit well and are very easy to use, being found in different categories (for children, men, women, football, series, etc).

Wallpapers, paintings and flower vases are good items to use in the bathroom decor (Photo: Disclosure)

Something you can also do is invest in the use of rugs, to decorate and prevent falls; straw baskets or wicker, to put toilet paper rolls, shampoos and other types of beauty products and hygiene; and in the customization of the light mirror.

Speaking of mirrors, large mirrors help to enlarge the environment, but if you don’t have the money to invest in one of them, bet on a composition with small mirrors.

Other ways to renovate the bathroom

Curtains can also add an extra charm to the room.

For change bathroom decor without spending a lotyou can also create your own shower curtain (if the place doesn’t have a shower room, of course), using old sheets with different prints, making different color combinations, or buying a ready-made and stylized curtain (they don’t cost too much).

If you own the residence, there is also the possibility of modifying the painting of the bathroom, which will certainly give the room a new look. In this case, a slightly larger investment may be necessary, but if the humidity has already wreaked havoc on the look of the place, there is an interesting alternative.

And finally, be careful with organization, because there’s nothing worse than a messy bathroom. To help with the task, use shelves, small drawers and clothes rack behind the door, making intelligent use of the available spaces.

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