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Tips for planning a different wedding

Wedding consulting firms come up with new things every day; everything to make weddings more than special. The ideas always seek to do something that goes beyond the traditional and that makes the ceremony and reception fun and unforgettable, both for the bride and groom and for the guests. The couple, even, can help invent things that have to do with their personality. Look tips for planning a different wedding🇧🇷

The traditional is not always more beautiful and intense (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

special ceremonies

There are things that only consulting firms can provide; however, many other details can be prepared by the bride and groom themselves and the family. What matters is that things are out of the ordinary and that you are not afraid to do them because, at the moment, everything will be a real party.

It is traditional for the groom to enter before the bride. and receive it, at the altar. But who said things can’t be reversed? You can program a different and fun arrival for the man. A woman, for example, can be taken to the altar by her father, but when her future husband enters, she goes to meet him and enters again, with him.

Naked cake is an option for different decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

The bridesmaids and pageboys can carry small plaques, announcing the arrival of the bride, shortly afterwards. Many couples have opted for this, using the phrase “Here comes the Bride🇧🇷

Different decoration and wedding party

If the couple prefers traditional elements in the ceremony, they can let their imagination run wild during the reception, which is where everyone has fun and celebrates. Use it to decorate different themed wedding, using fun elements that have to do with the couple’s style. If, for example, both of you are rock’n roll lovers, why not decorate the party with details that bring out this characteristic. The environment can be transformed into a real pub for rockers.

Themed parties are fun and different.

How about opting for a different wedding cake🇧🇷 You can come up with something with photos of the couple, or a cake without the traditional frosting, but covered with different and colorful fruits or flowers. Between the cake trends 2013they are naked cake (or Bolo Pelado), which leaves the filling on display, but which brings a special decoration.

To get away from the traditional, a tip is to present a miniature tie to those who are willing to pay for a piece of the groom’s tie. The tie stays in place, so you don’t have to cut it.

The bride does not need to carry a common bouquet🇧🇷 Take the opportunity to use something different. At the party, divide it into several parts. When playing it, guests won’t notice. You can also fill the bouquet with folded pieces of paper, containing phrases of encouragement to those who are not yet married.

These and countless other ideas can be used for a different and fun wedding🇧🇷 Often, small details are what make moments unforgettable.

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