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Tips for organizing your wedding reception

You are looking for Tips for organizing your wedding reception🇧🇷 The wedding party is the time when the bride and groom and guests can celebrate the union after the church ceremony. The purpose of the event is to celebrate, so everything needs to be well organized so that there are no headaches during the party. Therefore, we separate several tips to organize your 2015 wedding celebration!

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Tips for organizing your wedding party – The best tip when organizing your wedding party is to follow the 2015 trends, such as the most personalized cakes in the photo (Photo: Disclosure)

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Tips for organizing your wedding reception

It is important to cherish the good organization of the party. Guests should feel at ease and you even more, after all it is an unforgettable day! check out tips for organizing your wedding party🇧🇷

  • Match the party with the wedding decor. Colors can be the same or you can follow the same style. If the wedding was very sophisticated, the party can follow the same line.
  • The wedding cake should also match the whole event. White is the most suitable color because it is a joker and matches all types of ceremony. You can put photos on the cake, love messages, drawings and even some objects made with edible materials to symbolize something. The dolls are also a tradition and are made with biscuit or fondant, which is a type of moldable edible candy.

The photo booth is one of the novelties in the 2015 weddings (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Still on the subject of the wedding cake, the filling is more likely to please when it is one of the traditional ones that everyone knows and most like, such as chocolate, nuts, coconut, vanilla, among others. Ideally, the cake should be chosen between four and six months before the event and even earlier if the goal is to have a more decorated cake.
  • When taking pictures, you can have unpublished wedding photos by giving a disposable camera to each guest or group of guests and each one takes their picture during the party. Then just reveal and see the perspective of each person who attended your party!
  • Party songs can follow various styles to please all tastes. Make a selection with the DJ of the latest releases of different musical styles and don’t forget the classic songs that everyone knows and always has fun dancing to.
  • Research the price of photographers and videographers to get well-done coverage of the entire wedding, from the ceremony to the party, with many magazine-worthy photos shot.

Many weddings are being held outdoors.

  • Renting a hall for a party should be done well in advance and the tip here is also to search because you can always find a more affordable and/or more beautiful place.
  • Catering should also be seen in advance and should be chosen after much research because what matters is that it is tasty. Expensive, affordable or cheap, it depends on the budget you have for the wedding party. The cost benefit depends on the food tasting that will be served on the day.
  • Souvenirs are traditional and there are several ideas that can be made. You can make it yourself, buy ready-made, or buy from artisans who can do more personalized work.

wedding party trends 2015

Another idea among tips for organizing your wedding party is to follow the 2015 trends for this celebration. The great success of current weddings has been the personalization of every detail, that is, everything in the bride and groom’s way. More than one cake for the bride and groom is also on the rise. They come to further enhance the celebration, along with personalized and creative chocolates. The traditional brigadeiro is back on the scene revamped with new flavors, textures and even the way it is presented, but without losing its original character.

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Weddings in secluded environments with wooden decor give way to a more rustic party (Photo: Disclosure)

The dance rehearsed by the bride and groom and presented at the wedding party, usually at the beginning to open the dance floor, is one of the novelties in wedding parties 2015 that has been gaining strength and makes this special moment relaxed and fun. There is also the fun idea of ​​a “dance battle” between the bride and her bridesmaids/friends and the groom and his groomsmen/friends in wedding trends 2015.

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