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Tips for organizing your bathroom

check out Tips for organizing your bathroom🇧🇷 The bathroom is often a forgotten part of the house, but when it is organized, well planned and matches the rest of the house, it ends up adding a lot to the total decoration of the home. Just having a well-organized bathroom, with several creative tips put into practice, you already have a pleasant and sophisticated place. There are several creative ways to organize and decorate the bathroom without spending a lot, you just need to know how to decorate everything with the decoration style that your home has.

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Tips for organizing your bathroom – Simple tips can give your bathroom a new face (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Tips for organizing your bathroom

Check out several tips for organizing your bathroom🇧🇷

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There are sinks with a separate space for makeup (Photo: Disclosure)

  • If you have space next to the sink, you can take advantage of a tray to group your most used bathroom accessories, such as toothbrushes or combs.
  • Cabinets, which originally would not be used in bathrooms, can give a new charm to the environment and help organize towels.
  • Modifying the style of the sink foot can be the secret to making better use of the space under the sink.
  • Roll up several towels and store in a large glass vase over the sink unit. That way, your guests will never be looking for them when they need them.
  • If you already have shelves but you need to organize them, how about adopting simple solutions like wicker boxes to separate cosmetics, hair products, soaps or whatever else you want.

A spice holder can be your toothbrush holder (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Brushes and hair dryer can be organized in a spice rack over the bathroom sink.
  • Straw baskets are ideal for storing face and bath towels.
  • Use bombonières to store specific bath products, such as soaps, sponges and exfoliating salts.
  • Porcelain vases can be attached to the bathroom wall. In addition to decorating, the pieces serve as holders for dryers and brushes.
  • Drawers. To keep drawers always in order and much more practical, use drawer organizers. This model is a cutlery holder with removable modules, by Coza.

Tips for decorating the bathroom on a budget

A good tip for storing flat irons, dryers, and so on (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to tips for organizing your bathroomwe separate some cheap decoration tips:

  • Adhesive – If your bathroom wall is dull, there are several ideas to give it another face. One idea I love is to apply adhesive on top of the tile.
  • Adhesive tablets – Adhesive tablets make the bathroom modern and are super versatile, that is, if you get sick, just remove them without any problems.
  • Frames – The frames fill the bathroom or toilet with personality. Select beautiful or fun images and experiment. If you don’t want to stick to the wall, stick small adhesive hooks.
  • Wallpaper. He makes any environment charming. When choosing, opt for waterproof models.
  • Microfiber rug. Nothing like stepping on a fluffy rug when you get out of the shower. Invest in microfiber rugs, they are machine washable and dry very quickly. Available in multiple colors.

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