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Tips for organizing a wedding in a year

check out Tips for organizing a wedding in a year🇧🇷 It is possible to organize the wedding in one year and without stress, just go through the steps and not look at the wedding as a whole. If you organize them by topics, it’s much easier to deal with all the stages of organizing the ceremony and party. There are many details that need to be organized, including the guest list, invitations, wedding rings, location for the ceremony, location for the party, dress, budgets. It is necessary that the chronology of the preparations is right because you can end up leaving something that you should have done in advance for the last minute and vice versa.

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Tips for organizing a wedding in a year – Organizing a wedding is a very complicated task, but it can be pleasant if you do it little by little and in advance (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Tips for organizing a wedding in a year

Before thinking about wedding style, decor, location or dress, you need to think about the concerns that should be first on your list. check out tips for organizing a wedding in a year🇧🇷

  • Choosing a date – In addition to being a focus to start with, depending on where you want to have the wedding, knowing the date is already necessary to be able to book soon and have the wedding a year from now.
  • Reserve the place – There are very disputed places, so getting ahead a year is never too much.
  • Set your budget – Knowing when you can spend already makes you stay with your feet on the ground when choosing anything for the wedding.
  • Make the guest list – It will definitely be changed, cut or added, but making a list makes it easier to organize the budget.
  • Choose your wedding style – What style? day or night? searches for suppliers will start from here.
  • Look for references – Be it contacts with friends or photos on the internet, save the ones that are the style you want for your wedding.
  • Don’t close any contracts yet, just leave it separate.

One year is the time needed to organize a wedding calmly, paying attention to each aspect (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Hire only photo and footage. I recommend that this be the first contract finalized, as some photographers have reservation dates up to a year in advance.
  • Invite the godparents, bridesmaids and pages
  • Honeymoon – Select possible travel destinations
  • Research the wedding dress – Keep eliminating the ones you don’t like to at least reduce the possibilities,
  • If you find one you like, book it now.
  • Review the guest list
  • Book tastings
  • Close the Honeymoon
  • Close the party venue
  • Close the decoration contract
  • set the decor

If you follow the steps mentioned here, you end up remembering everything calmly (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Order bouquet and accessories
  • Choose the professionals who will liven up the parties.
  • Talk to your bridesmaids to organize the tea. Or arrange it yourself.
  • Print the invitations.
  • Assemble the gift lists in the stores you have chosen.
  • Look for your shoe.
  • The groom can choose his attire.
  • Choose attire for ladies and pageboys.

Last details for the wedding

Leave for the last few months what should be left, there is a correct chronology to be followed in the organization of the wedding (Photo: Disclosure)

After following the chronology of tips for organizing a wedding in a year mentioned above, let’s go to the last details for the wedding:

  • order the sweets
  • Bookmark the hair and makeup trials. Book the bride’s day.
  • Separate the documents and mark the civil marriage.
  • Book the hotel suite for your wedding night.
  • Send the invites. For the closest relatives and friends, deliver in person.
  • Take time to decide who will drive you to church. If necessary, hire a car with a driver.
  • Set the soundtrack for the ceremony.
  • Have someone call guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet.
  • Look for souvenirs.
  • Last dress fitting.
  • Book a massage. Relax.
  • Ahead pedicure, manicure and waxing.
  • Look for the dress.
  • Try wearing the shoe at home to break it in.
  • Confirm all services by phone.
  • Have the rings polished.
  • Pack your bags for the honeymoon!

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