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Tips for not making mistakes when decorating an American kitchen

Increasingly present in homes throughout Brazil, the American kitchen it is the perfect environment especially for small-sized houses and apartments. If you want to get the best out of it, check it out tips for not making mistakes in the decoration of the american kitchen🇧🇷

American kitchens are increasingly present in Brazilian homes (Photo: Disclosure)

Developed to integrate the room where the cafeslunches, dinners and snacks to the living room, the American kitchens allow the person responsible for preparing the dishes not to be left out of the chat with family and friends while preparing the food.

But precisely because of this integration with other environments, it is necessary to be very careful when decorate the american kitchenas some mistakes can disrupt the project and take away the main features of this traditional style of kitchen.

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What this article covers:

Tips for not making mistakes when decorating an American kitchen

It is necessary to invest in a powerful hood, to prevent the smoke and the smell of frying from spreading throughout the house (Photo: Disclosure)

One of the main mistakes when decorating american kitchen is not using a hood in the room, leaving smoke and the smell of frying “walking” around the house. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to invest in a powerful hood🇧🇷

In addition, you can also bet on the use of a counter, a piece that allows other people to sit around you and talk to you while meals are prepared, and even the use of a sliding door, which can allow moments of relaxation. privacy on certain occasions.

The counter is a great choice as it can also be used as a dining table.

And in the case of the counter, it can also be used as a dining table, to save space. In this situation, it is necessary to choose a model that is lower than the counter used as a bar.

Another interesting option in american kitchen decor is to make the place where the delicacies are prepared follow the same pattern adopted in the other rooms with which it is integrated, especially when dealing with a small space, as in the case of kitchenettes🇧🇷

more tips

The furniture and fixtures must match the decor of the neighboring rooms (Photo: Disclosure)

Others tips for not making mistakes in the decoration of the american kitchen are:

– Use the same flooring present in the neighboring rooms, allowing for greater integration of environments.

– On the walls there is no need for this integration, as it is necessary to think about practicality. To facilitate cleaning, invest in coatings such as tablets or formics.

– Use furniture made of different materials to give the kitchen a more special look. Wood, for example, gives a more rustic touch.

– To prevent the American kitchen from looking smaller than it already is, use light colors (they give space) and utensils that take up less space, such as the table stove🇧🇷

– In smaller homes, be careful when choosing cabinets, coatings and appliances, as they must follow the pattern of the rest of the house.

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