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Tips for not making mistakes in decoration

At tips for not making mistakes in decoration promise to be of great help to people who want to have a nice and tidy home. Some simple tricks and care when planning residential environments make all the difference.

Tips for not making mistakes in decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Customizing the decor on your own, without necessarily relying on the work of an interior designer, is super popular. People are involved with the “DIY” trend (Do it yourself), so they decide to renovate furniture, move things around and even make their own decorative elements. The ideas are creative and interesting, but it is important to take into account the tips for not making mistakes in decoration🇧🇷

Decorate without fail Seems easy, but it is not. The resident needs to have an aesthetic sense to combine colors, textures, materials and shapes. A single mistake can leave the environment conflicting and polluted.

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What this article covers:

5 Tips for not making mistakes in decoration

Do you want to know how not to go wrong in decoration🇧🇷 Then check out the following tips:

Decorate with personality, but without overdoing it. (Photo: Disclosure)

1. Color yes, exaggerate no

Some people love to put color in every environment they go through. Color is essential to make life more enjoyable. But have you ever thought about having to stay all the time in a place where everything is red? Colors awaken good and bad sensations. In the case of red, the brain goes into a state of alert and that’s why the person ends up stressed or with tired eyes.

2. Cables tangled in the environment

One of the main mistakes in home decor is leaving the cables of electronic devices tangled. This highlights the messiness of the environment and, at worst, can cause a short circuit.

It is important that everything is arranged in an organized way in the environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

3. Furniture compatible with each space

Before buying furniture, make sure there is enough space in each room. Furniture cannot interfere with the passage or leave the divisions disorganized. Try to take advantage of the space through smart decoration. Start by replacing regular wardrobes with ones that use sliding doors, or add a built-in wardrobe to the wall. Also, do not overdo the size of the bed, dining table, sofas and other furniture. Choose items with the same tone, so that the decoration colors follow a pattern, at least in each room of the house.

4. Beware of the fad

Following trends is really complicated, especially when residents don’t want to change their home decor every year. Choosing classic and timeless pieces is a way to make the decoration of the environment last, without getting tacky or cloying.

5. Less is more

Among the main decorating tips without making a mistake, it is worth highlighting the minimalist precept that states that less is more. That is, there is no point in filling the environment with furniture or exposing all the decorative objects. What really works is leaving the composition clean and organized.

The best way to get the decor right is to be aware of mistakes. Watch the following video:

If even after checking the tips for not making a mistake in decoration you are having difficulties, then hire an interior designer. This professional will adapt the space with a neat decoration.

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