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Tips for matching curtains, photos

At tips for matching curtains, photos of compositions and decorating ideas promise to be of great help to those who don’t know how to dress their windows. The first step is to know the main models available on the market and plan the decoration.

Tips for matching curtains, photos. (Photo: Disclosure)

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curtains in decoration

Curtains are considered irreplaceable in decoration. They serve to regulate the entry of natural light into the internal environments and also act to control ventilation. When windows are covered with curtains, residents gain more privacy.

There are different curtain models available for sale, which differs in terms of color, size, fabric and type of finish. Some work best in contemporary settings, while others are made to complete a classic decor.

When planning the decoration with curtains, it is important to know the exact size of the window width. Add 40 cm to this measurement, thus preventing light from entering through the sides. If the fabric is heavyweight, such as cotton, denim, linen, twill, or jacquard, multiply this number by two. The height is up to you.

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Elegant curtains decorate the room. (Photo: Disclosure)

The big challenge when it comes to decorating is in how to match curtains with other elements that make up the environment, such as the sofa, rug and bed linen. It is important to be very careful so that the environment does not end up getting tacky or with a tiring look.

You are looking for tips for matching curtains, photos inspiring stories and videos with professional guidance? So check it out:

• When it comes to combinations when decorating, it is very important to value the principles of balance and harmony. This care helps not to pollute the decorated environment.

🇧🇷 If you want to have more freedom to choose the furniture in the house, then choose curtains made with neutral fabrics, such as white or ecru.

Patterned curtains with patterned carpet: You can’t! (Photo: Disclosure)

• In the living room, the patterned curtain is only welcome if the upholstery of the sofa is smooth, as well as the rug. On the other hand, if the curtain is plain, then the resident has more freedom to use patterned furniture and accessories in the decor.

• If the place has windows of different heights and sizes, the recommendation is to standardize the size of the curtain, as well as the color of the fabric. This way the decoration is more organized.

• Adopting blinds on some windows and curtains on others is aesthetically ugly. This makes the place look like a ‘show-room’. Follow a pattern so as not to sin in this regard.

Watch the video below and learn how to combine the curtain with the rest of the decor🇧🇷

Tips for matching curtains, photos

See a selection of pictures of curtains and combination ideas:

after checking tips for matching curtains, photos and decorating ideas, transform the look of your home with this accessory.

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