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Tips for keeping your pool clean

Look tips to keep your pool always clean🇧🇷 That’s right! In this matter, you will learn how to conserve water through proper and periodic maintenance. These precautions are essential to make leisure days more pleasant and refreshing.

Tips to keep your pool always clean. (Ilustrative Photo)

There’s nothing better than taking a dip in the pool on a sunny day. For this leisure time to be pleasant, it is very important that the water is treated and free of dirt. The process to keep the pool always clean is a bit laborious, but it guarantees rewarding results.

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What this article covers:

Tips for keeping your pool clean

Check it out below tips to keep your pool always clean and with crystal clear water:

Clean pool surroundings

The first tip to keep the water clean is to eliminate the dirt that accumulates around the pool, such as leaves, dust, earth and dead insects. It is necessary to remove these residues so that they do not end up falling into the water in the first wind.

Clean around the pool.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Clean around the pool. (Ilustrative Photo)

Whenever the pool is not being used, remember to place a tarp to protect the water from dirt. This feature is also great for preserving the water level, after all, it prevents excessive evaporation.

When removing the canvas that covers the pool, it is worth taking some care so that the dirt accumulated on the surface does not end up coming into contact with the water.

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Use the filter well

The filter is an essential component to keep the pool always clean. It brings water into the pump and separates waste particles from clean water. Experts say that the pool should be filtered at least 6 hours a day, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the filter is well used in pool maintenance, it can last up to 10 years.

The filter is essential to keep the water clean.  (Ilustrative Photo)

The filter is essential to keep the water clean. (Ilustrative Photo)

Don’t Forget Chlorine

Chlorine is an indispensable component for those who want to keep the pool free of impurities. This chemical is responsible for killing bacteria and disinfecting the water. The proper measure is 5 grams of granulated chlorine per thousand liters of water.

Brush and special cleaning product

To avoid the appearance of algae or the formation of stains on the pool walls, it is essential to use a specific product for cleaning the pool. Apply it using a brush to remove all the dirt impregnated on the surface. Remember to pay special attention to corners, as they accumulate more waste. It’s also worth passing an appropriate vacuum cleaner periodically in the pool.

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Put into practice the tips to keep your pool always clean and the water will certainly be much more inviting for a swim. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles on cleaning and conservation.

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