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Tips for integrating laundry and kitchen

Houses and apartments are becoming smaller and smaller and this has forced the environment integration🇧🇷 This new architectural trend proposes the fall of some walls and improves communication between rooms.

In many properties, the kitchen shares space with the laundry room. (Photo: Disclosure)

Back in the day, the kitchen was an isolated and functional environment. However, its concept was completely readapted to the modern lifestyle and it became a real living space. The kitchen is one of the residential spaces that suffers the most integration, whether with the living room, with the balcony, with the pantry or with the laundry room.

In modern buildings, mainly apartments, the kitchen and service area are sharing the same space🇧🇷 This new structure generates strangeness and also a series of doubts in the residents, who are not sure how to organize and plan the decoration.

When to kitchen and laundry are integrated, it is important to think of a harmonic aesthetic between the two rooms. Decoration style, colors, coatings and formats need to be in tune.

What this article covers:

Tips for decorating integrated kitchens and laundry rooms

Check out the following tips for decorate the kitchen integrated into the service area with good taste and creativity:

• The secret of decorating integrated environments is being able to optimize the space. To favor the feeling of spaciousness, it is worth betting on light colors, transparent pieces and uniform coating.

• The same style of furniture will make the laundry and the kitchen have unity.

• Custom furniture makes better use of the limited area of ​​the two rooms.

Kitchen and laundry room decor need to follow the same style. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Dark and closed colors should be avoided, as they create the feeling that the environment is smaller than reality.

• If there is no money to Planned Furniture, it is worth investing in niches and shelves.

• The combination of custom furniture and built-in appliances works well in integrated spaces.

• If the resident is going to place a divider to delimit kitchen and laundry room, he should opt for a piece of glass. The transparency of the material will contribute to the entry of light and also create amplitude.

• When the integrated area is not well organized, it can become confusing. Some residents do not deal well with the fact that the pan cabinet is next to the washing machine.

A glass partition separates the rooms. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A integrated area it must have niches reserved for essential appliances, such as a refrigerator, microwave, stove and washing machine.

• No decorative items or furniture can interfere with circulation in the space occupied by the kitchen and laundry🇧🇷

• A multipurpose cabinet favors the organization of the service area and does not interfere with the delimitation of space.

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