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Tips for including religious pieces in the decor

The decoration is responsible for translating the preferences and lifestyle of the residents. When thinking about furniture, decorative objects and textiles, there is the possibility of working with religion as main theme🇧🇷

Decoration inspired by Buddhism. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Religious pieces in decoration

Faith has always moved man and was responsible for creating hope. In this way, the religious objects They have great symbology and directly influence people’s feelings.

At pieces that exalt a particular religion can occupy a prominent place in the decoration of the house, but it is important not to overdo it and always seek balance with the other elements.

THE choice of religious pieces varies according to the style of the environment. Some spaces, for example, combine with oratories and images of saints, but others are not compatible with this aesthetic.

It’s not just Catholicism that serves as an inspiration for decorating with a touch of religiosity. Other religions also serve as an influence, such as Buddhism and Candomblé🇧🇷

Decorative plate with the image of Our Lady of Aparecida. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out a selection of tips for decorating the house with religious pieces🇧🇷

• When composing the decoration, it is important to respect the color palette and pattern of the pieces that make up the room;

• If the colors of the space do not dialogue with the religious pieces, there is a serious risk of the decoration becoming visually overloaded;

• Decor based on neutral tones offers greater freedom to choose religious adornments;

• At religious pieces they can be gathered in a corner or spread around the house, everything will depend on the taste of the resident;

• Decorating with sculptures is capable of exalting a certain belief;

• Among the main decoration pieces, it is worth highlighting the oratories, paintings, saints, candlesticks, decorative plates, sculptures, fountains and tiles;

• The religious piece can stand out in a piece of furniture, as is the case with the sideboard and nightstand;

• You objects with religious references they can be organized on shelves, oratories or niches;

• Larger religious pieces do not need support and can be supported on the floor;

• If the intention is to create a prayer corner, then it is important to bet on rugs and comfortable places to sit;

Religious pieces can be used to create a prayer corner. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A focal point of light can be installed in the environment to highlight a particular religious piece🇧🇷 Lighting should also favor the cozy atmosphere;

• Decoration should not be based on religious objects, it also needs complements, such as incense, flower vases, mirrors with frames and books;

• Religious pieces can also appear at strategic points in the external area, such as the veranda;

• Religiosity is an excellent theme to work on in ethnic home decor.

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