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Tips for entrepreneurs to sell well at Christmas!

The month of December has officially arrived and it is already possible to notice a large number of consumers in search of Christmas items and gifts. Because of this, entrepreneurs must stay tuned to take advantage of this time and sell well at Christmas.

This year sales destined for Christmas are expected to reach at least R$34.3 billion for trade. This amount reflects 4.3% in strengthening when compared to Christmas 2020. Who carried out this survey was the CNC??

If you are a retailer and still have doubts about how you can sell well at Christmas, pay attention to the following tips and make the most of this date that is the busiest for commerce.

What this article covers:

How can I sell well at Christmas?

If you own a store, the first thing to do is get into the Christmas spirit. Invest in very flashy and beautiful Christmas decorations in your store decor. Such adornments are able to attract many consumers.

If the case is online sales in e-commerce, it is possible to take pictures of the products for sale in the Christmas atmosphere. Use Christmas decoration items in the background of the photos, such as lights and colors that highlight Christmas.

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Also use tools to measure the possible growth of your sales at this time of year. The most indicated is the growth analysis, with which it is possible to calculate how to proceed with year-end offers. For this to happen, use the three points: sales volume for the previous 3 months, price acceptance and surplus products.

To stand out from your competitors, offers are welcome, so try to differentiate your prices as much as possible from others. For this, make an analysis of the main competitors in the market.

Finally, be prepared for high demand. Structure your trade in the best possible way and have a support network in case of unforeseen circumstances. Don’t forget social networks, currently this tool is directly related to sales and visibility.

These are the main answers to the question of how to sell well at Christmas, use them and, if possible, innovate. This way, your year-end sales will be incredible.

Three examples of products that are trending this Christmas

A great tip to increase your sales this year is to be able to meet customer needs. Each year there are products that are more in demand than others, so be aware of the market trends for that year.

See three examples of the most popular products for this date:


Home decor items are always a bestseller this time of year. This is due to the pleasure that people have in setting up a beautiful dining table to receive guests and create cozy environments. The purchase of these items is very high on the internet, but stores also receive a satisfactory flow.

Some examples of items that sell the most for Christmas are: Rugs, picture frames, candles, pictures, tableware, lighting items, etc.

toys and games

Obviously, toys are very popular at Christmas. This season is where parents and relatives look for the best toy deals to give to their children. For this reason, all stores invest a lot in this category, as they usually receive a large flow of customers in search of it, second only to Children’s Day??

The most purchased toys at this time of year are usually: Hot Wheels strollers, newborn and baby alive dolls, educational games, lego, board games, painting kit, Barbie dolls and Luccas Neto brand dolls.

Cosmetics and Perfumes

This type of gift is always successful at Christmas, body care and well-being are always in search of people. This category encompasses customers of all ages and holds the fourth position in the ranking of most consumed products.

The most popular options in this segment are usually: soaps, moisturizers, lotions and perfumes.

Don’t forget to always be aware of market changes for this season, this is the only way to meet the needs of all customers and increase end-of-year sales. Get ready months in advance, look for the best investments and always be in search of new inspirations to work with. Good sales!

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