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Tips for entrepreneurs and consumers to prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday is already close and has a date set: November 26th. Despite being a date to buy products on sale, a high level of consumer complaints became “common” during this period in Brazil.

In 2020, the Complain here recorded a 45% increase in complaints on its website, and that’s just in the early hours of Black Friday. Therefore, it is important that both consumers and companies prepare to avoid problems.

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Tips for entrepreneurs and consumers to prepare for Black Friday

Before starting shopping, it is essential that consumers plan and create a list of products and services they intend to purchase.

There are several sites that compare prices between stores, and you can create alerts to receive notification when an item goes on sale or offers a discount.

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Another essential tip is to check the reputation of the company and/or seller before buying from a website. Reading reviews from other consumers, checking if the company exists and if it has means of contact is important.

For businessmen, the same tip is valid: leave company information, phone number and email visible so that consumers feel more secure. In this way, the customer knows that he will have channels to use in the event of a problem.

What is Black Friday and how did it come about?

Black Friday was initially created in the United States to encourage shopping. It is celebrated the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, always on the Friday of the last week of November.

It is an occasion when companies lower the prices of their products, and there are so many discounts that American consumers even sleep in front of stores to be the first to enter.

In Brazil, Black Friday has become popular mainly on e-commerce platforms, and some companies offer promotions and discounts for an entire week.

What the entrepreneur and entrepreneur should be aware of on Black Friday

One of the main customer complaints is about slow platforms: sites are overwhelmed by the amount of users online at the same time, and crash. In addition to slowness and downtime, items that change prices quickly due to a system error are another complaint.

Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to invest in a good purchasing platform and train their teams to know how to deal with any errors and problems.

Another attention should be paid to misleading advertisements: some companies increase the price of their products weeks before Black Friday and lower the value to the normal price on the date, in order to deceive customers with false discounts.

This practice has made consumers suspicious of some companies, and made complaints to Procon. For serious companies that want to protect their reputation and good relationship with their customers in the long term, transparency with their consumers is worth it.

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