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Tips for dividing spaces without walls

Tips for dividing spaces without walls🇧🇷 Yes, this is the subject that we will address in the following text, bringing ideas and suggestions for delimiting environments without having to do any kind of renovation on the property.

Tips for dividing environments without walls (Photo: Disclosure)

Those who live in small apartments have certainly experienced the problem of having to separate the living room from the dining room or the kitchen from the pantry, for example. In many cases, the first idea that comes to mind is to build a wall, but this will be a lot of work and may not offer a good result.

For the joy of those who live in these smaller places (or even the bigger ones), the good news is that there are several very simple ways to divide environments without wallsand at least one of them can end your problem.

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What this article covers:

Tips for dividing spaces without walls

Using the rug is one of the simplest and most practical ways to divide environments (Photo: Disclosure)

if you are wondering how to divide spaces without walls, one of the simplest ways is to use rugs to delimit the space, without closing it off. Just choose a beautiful rug that has the necessary measurements to mark where the environment begins and ends.

In addition, you can also rearrange the furniture, using it as a kind of space separator. A bookcase can be used to separate the TV room from the living room or to divide a huge room in two, creating a space for rest and another for work, for example.

Trimmers are another excellent option for furniture to separate environmentswhich can be placed behind the sofa, marking the style of decoration from one space to another. Benches, armchairs, counters and screens also appear as interesting alternatives for dividing spaces.

other ideas

The bookshelf also works well to separate environments (Photo: Disclosure)

There are still several other ideas for dividing spaces without wallsfor different situations, such as:

– Use vases with plants, which create a barrier between two spaces and even make the house more beautiful and cheerful.

– Betting on the placement of curtainswhich have the advantage of allowing interaction between rooms, just by opening them.

Another shelf option (Photo: Disclosure)

– Invest in traditional partitionswhich can be customized according to the decoration of the environment.

– If you want something more definitive, it is possible to use different floors in each environment, to limit the spaces, or modify the ceiling in both places, using lowered plaster in one and plaster with crown molding and direct lighting in the other, for example.

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In the image gallery below, check out some pictures of the tips for dividing spaces without walls and get inspired to make changes to your home.

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