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Tips for decorating your living room this Christmas 2022

The living room is one of the most inviting environments to spend quality time with the family, and when Christmas arrives, nothing can be more cozy than decorating this environment and making it amazing for the celebration.

Next, check out the best and simplest tips to make your living room incredibly beautiful for this very special moment.

Tips for decorating your living room this Christmas 2022

There are many different room styles and possibilities when it comes to decorating your Christmas room, and to do this you can choose decorative elements that have something in common with your environment and use creativity when creating the decoration.

See below some simple ideas/suggestions that can make a difference to decorate your living room this Christmas:

different ornaments

Giving a new look to old Christmas tree decorations can be a good trick to decorate your tree and make it even more beautiful and adorned for the big day.

It’s worth making decorative decorations out of eva, as well as renovating those old ornaments on your tree and spending almost nothing, gluing more shine, glitter, bows to give that “up” past Christmas decorations.

decorative branches

Using branches in your decoration is the face of Christmas as it brings a natural atmosphere to the environment and goes well with your Christmas tree.

The branches can be artificial, of these models used to build artificial gardens. The branches can still be placed on stairs, fireplaces to give charm to the look of your room.

sticky christmas tree

And if you like very practical and simple decorations, the adhesive Christmas tree can be the ideal Christmas tree model to decorate your living room.

Generally, the adhesive tree can be made with self-adhesive adhesive papers or purchased ready-made, and to apply it is very easyjust choose the blank room wall space, paste and you’re done.

Bowls decorated with candles

Very simple, cheap and easy to make decoration with bowls and candles consists of having at least 6 balls (common Christmas tree ornaments), place them inside the cup, turn them upside down, and on the base surface of the cup place candles (less than half of a seven-day candle).

This decoration is simple, beautiful and inexpensive to make, and can be placed on the coffee table or in some more intimate corner of your living roomafter all, on Christmas Eve, the detail brings charm to the environment.

clothespin garland

The wreath of clothespins is different from the traditional garlands since it is made with common clothespins.

The idea is great to renew the traditional wreath, as with the wreath of clothespins it is possible to attach photos, notes and even nice Christmas reminders for the family.

clean elements

If your living room has a cleaner style, few colors and a minimalist design, you may well not run away from the idea at Christmas.

And the main tip is to choose Christmas visual elements that are similar to the tones of your room, as in the example of this clean room belowwith Christmas ornaments on neutral tones and undertones and that do not weigh on the decor.

christmas bags

Your Christmas room will definitely have a tree, and if the answer is yes, a very simple, fun and very cool idea, especially for children, is to decorate Christmas gift bags.

The idea is really interesting because as the gifts are placed under the tree until Christmas, decorating the bags can be a very thematic trick.

It is also worth assembling Santa Claus faces, pasting Christmas stickers or even trying to reproduce a face of a Christmas reindeer (as in the photo below).

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