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Tips for decorating the entrance hall

Following the tips for decorating the entrance hallyou can make this important area of ​​the house or apartment even more beautiful, functional and comfortable to receive your guests.

Decorating the entrance hall of the apartment (Photo: Disclosure)

Regardless of size, the entrance hall it is a kind of business card for your residence, and can indicate to relatives, friends and neighbors a preview of what they will find as soon as they enter your home.

In case of apartment entrance hallit is necessary to take some care and check if there is any kind of condominium rule that prohibits changes in the look of the space, before making any changes, as it is a common area, also used by other residents.

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What this article covers:

Tips for decorating the entrance hall

In the case of condominiums, it is necessary to check if there is any rule that prohibits changing the decoration of these spaces (Photo: Disclosure)

Given the detail mentioned above, in the case of residents of condosa entrance hall decoration it can start to be made from small details, such as the placement of pictures, mirrors and vases, which already contribute to giving a new face to the place.

As generally the entrance hall of apartments is small, it is worth focusing more on the walls, even investing in wall stickers, hangers and some types of ornaments, in addition to the aforementioned vases and paintings. Different light fixtures also give the space an extra charm.

Differentiated coating on the walls, strong colors and furniture should be used with caution, as they may not please other tenants who circulate in the area. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to prioritize the functionality of the environment and circulation, thus avoiding the use of furniture that hinders the passage and carpets that prevent the opening of doors.

Other suggestions

The entrance hall of the apartment should have a simpler decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

Already for the entrance hall of houses, you can unleash your creativity more and be free to decorate the space, without further restrictions. You can place, for example, a sofa or armchair, with decorative pillowsto make the environment more interesting.

Others tips from entrance hall decoration of the house are:

– Invest in lampshades or different spots to improve lighting.

– Use more vibrant colors on the walls (dye, stickers or wallpaper that highlight the sides).

– Place a beautiful rug at the front door.

– Sideboard, table, chest, shoe rack or small closet are good options if the space is a little larger.

– Use plants and flowers to bring more life to the environment.

– Install a hanger, so visitors can hang bags and coats.

– Use a support piece of furniture to place keys, correspondence and picture frames.

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