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Tips for decorating the ceiling of the house

Decorate the ceiling of the house or from any other location is not usually the most common. In general, people opt for an entirely white ceiling or, at most, another very soft color, so that it does not interfere with the rest of the decoration. However, it is possible to give a special charm to the house by investing in something different; after all, the ceiling is still an extension of the wall and can also gain special elements.

Ceiling decoration with wallpaper (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Wallpapers are very useful and charming for decoration. With them, the finish is perfect and the walls seem to have gained a special paint job. Well, if they are used on ordinary walls, then why not do the same on the ceiling?

In the image above, we see an environment in which it was used wallpaper on the ceiling🇧🇷 Residents chose a print that doesn’t call attention, exactly, for its neutrality; however, the balanced combination with other elements made the room much more charming and cozy. In this case, vintage elements predominated in the decor.

Stickers or ceiling paint

Similarly, one can bet on ceiling stickers🇧🇷 Smaller and more versatile, they offer simpler application and can even be removed more easily, in case people in the house get bored. When in doubt, choose more neutral models, so that they do not interfere with the rest of the decor. However, if the environment is discreet and with neutral painting and furniture, it is possible to bet on more cheerful and daring stickers, which give a special touch to the decor.

Examples of ceilings decorated with stickers (Photo: Disclosure)

It is also interesting to hire a good professional and invest in ceiling painting🇧🇷 See, for example, in the image above, a modern room, in which the resident inserted a very daring ceiling, with the design of a soccer field. Simple, just paint the entire ceiling in green and then make the designs with white paint.

But the painting need not contain specific drawings. It is also worth giving more joy or modernity to any environment, opting for a colored ceiling, such as lilac, blue, pink, yellow, etc; that is, colors other than the traditional white. Pay attention, however, to the brightness of the place. Seek to balance the look, using lighter tones in the rest of the decor.

ceiling fabrics

Fabrics require greater care

This idea is also interesting, but requires more care. although the fabrics on the ceiling can be removed easily, their presence greatly interferes with the decoration. Even if the color is soft, you need to be very careful with the furniture and objects, as the fabrics can make the environment a little heavy. However, if this is the intention of the residents, there is no problem.

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