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Tips for decorating small balconies

Even with reduced sizes, the balconies they can be used in different situations, serving, for example, as a place for family chat or to sit and read that book stored on the shelf. And to change their look, just check out some tips for decorating small balconies🇧🇷

Small balconies can be decorated in different ways.

In addition to the aforementioned utilities, the small balconies they can also be transformed into a space for leisure, especially on hot days, when you can spend more time there, to feel the wind hitting your face, simply by placing armchairs, chairs or even a sofa in the space.

Furthermore, it can be turned into agourmet balcony”, installing barbecue and other utensils on it; function as an extension of the living room or bedroom, depending on the location; use it as a garden; or serve as a refuge for the smokerspreventing cigarette smoke from invading the rest of the house.

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Tips for decorating small balconies

Depending on the space, you can even place a sofa (Photo: Disclosure)

One of tips for decorating small balconies is not to obstruct the movement of people, avoiding placing too much furniture in the balcony, since it is a place with limited space. Items should be between 60cm and 70cm apart for ease of passage.

To make it even better and more comfortable, depending on the size, it is interesting to change the sofa for a bench with capacity for two or three people or opt for chairs, which can be removed more quickly, if you need to make room.

The wooden boards give a different touch to the floor of the balcony (Photo: Disclosure)

THE porch decoration it can be more charming with the presence of plants, placed on the edges of the balcony or hung on the wall (or ceiling). But be careful with the type of plant, avoiding the pointed and thorny ones, because in the reduced space it is easy to bump into them and get hurt.

And in the case of the floor, some of the most requested options are the wooden decks and the pebbles, which, in addition to being beautiful, are very practical. So you don’t need to break anything, it’s even worth investing in wooden boards, placed on top of the current floor.

more suggestions

The wall can be used to create a vertical garden or vegetable garden.

– Folding tables are a good alternative for those who want to eat on the spot, as they do not take up space when folded.

– If you cannot place sofas and armchairs, spread cushions on the balcony, if you have no problem sitting on the floor.

Using creativity, it is possible to make good use of the space (Photo: Disclosure)

– Create a vertical vegetable garden, taking advantage of one side of the wall. In it, it is possible to plant seedlings of mint, chives and basil, for example, to supply the kitchen.

– And finally, don’t forget to protection screenif you have children at home.

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