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Tips for decorating kitchenettes

Anyone who lives or has lived in a kitchenette knows that, in order for the space to be cozy, a certain amount of flexibility is needed. And the key to this flexibility lies in the colors of the environment and in the decor, in general, which should make the small space look bigger, visually, while giving the resident a feeling of welcome. see some tips for decorating kitchenettes.

White carpet delimits space and visually increases the environment (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Decoration of small spaces

THE kitchenette It is suitable for housing a maximum of two people. In general, those who want or need to live alone opt for them. Add to this the fact that, in the big cities, mainly, property prices are getting higher every day. In general, living room, kitchen and bedroom are combined, with only the bathroom separated from the rest. Buying or renting a kitchenette can be advantageous for those on a budget. But you have to be careful with the decor you choose.

Of course, when decorating a kitchenette or any other type of small property, residents want to add details that match their personality. In this sense, not everyone is a fan of white walls, but here the option was for examples that bring the predominance of light colors in environments, as a way of suitable decoration for small spaces馃嚙馃嚪

In the first image (above), for example, we see a kitchenette where practically everything is white. It is noticed that the floor of the furniture has a dark color. The way out, then, was to place a large white rug, covering it and which also served as a delimiter of the space between the kitchen and the living room. Vases, paintings and other small details in different colors add charm to the place, while creating slight contrasts.

Wooden panel matches the sofa and makes a subtle contrast (Photo: Disclosure)

In the kitchenette, above, the option was for a panel for the TV, in dark wood. The same wood was used for the rest of the shelves, but all of them had their doors and partitions made of white painted wood. To match the panel, a sofa was chosen, in a similar tone.

In this small kitchenette, we see that all environments are combined and very close together. As her floor is not white, the best thing to do, in these cases, is to balance the rest of the details, using light colors. The white bedspread helps keep the room feeling spacious.

Dark floor and colorful details (Photo: Disclosure)

This last example shows a kitchenette with wood laminate flooring馃嚙馃嚪 This tone, on the floor, makes the environment appear smaller, as it tends to darken it. For this reason, the walls and cupboards in the kitchen were painted white, as the view of these parts in the environment is very pronounced. But nothing prevented the resident from opting for more cheerful colors in the other decoration details. Chair, carpet and other red objects; sofa, ottoman and gray lamp, painting with other colors and other colorful details, spread around the place, made the kitchenette more cheerful, but without making the environment heavy.

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