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Tips for decorating balconies and terraces

No matter how much dedication there is to beautifully decorating the environments of the house or apartment, making them something extremely charming and comfortable, there is always the desire to create an external space, separate from the rest. Balconies and terraces improve the feeling of comfort and well-being, as they provide moments of relaxation that are different from indoor environments. Whether for tea, a beer with friends, reading a good book or just relaxing, it’s worth it. decorate balconies and terraces with special dedication, so that these moments are even more pleasant.

Apartment balcony with plants on the wall (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

plants for decoration

Any environment, be it a balcony, a terrace or internal spaces of the house, always looks much better when they are used. plants in the decoration🇧🇷 They can be colorful, giving more joy to the place, or all green, which bring a feeling of coziness.

In the image above, we see an apartment balcony, very well decorated. To give comfort, sofas, a rug and a small table were placed in the center. On the walls, we see the use of wooden supports, which accommodate small vases. In the corner, on the floor, a larger vase, also with a foliage plant.

In the image below, we see four inspirations to decorate the terrace or balcony🇧🇷 In all of them, the owners gave importance to the plants. In the first image, it can be said that they are the main element of the decoration, as they took over the entire terrace, where only a table and chairs were added.

Ideas for decorating outdoor areas

In the image on the side, we also see many plants in the decoration, with the addition of some furniture and colorful objects. The rustic air of all these suggestions gives more warmth to the environments.

In the other images, we also see two simple and charming terraceswhich gained a sophisticated look, with plants, stones and simple decorative objects.

colors for decoration

Colorful details add more joy to the environment (Photo: Disclosure)

For those who like cheerful environments, decorating with colorful objects and furniture is always a great choice. And you don’t have to match the colors exactly. In the image above, for example, you see a small and charming porch, in which different colors were used, which gave a special touch to the neutral choices of the place. The bet on colorful prints is also great, so that the environment is more fun and graceful.

Often, when decorate porches and terraces, as well as other environments, small details can make all the difference. The use of plants, associated with such details, makes the decor cozy and charming.

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