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Tips for decorating a hippie party

Get your tie-dye shirts, fringed vests and peace signs out of the closet – it’s time to craft the ’60s hippie party. The beauty of crafting a hippie party is how easy it is to stick to a budget. It is possible to create objects for decoration from very simple and inexpensive components. If you are thinking of have a hippie party but he’s out of ideas. Check out some tips below:

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colorful decoration

Hippie parties are always very colorful and very bright. (Photo Disclosure)

For decorate a hippie party bet on color, peace symbols, daisies, beads and lots of shine. Search for figures on the internet and print them, or if you prefer, draw symbols of the time on colored cardboard. Cut them so that the template is the center of a circle. With a hole punch make holes on top of each circle and tie them together using string to make a wreath. For a laid-back retro feel, paint the figures fluorescent colors and turn on some black lights.

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60’s party decor

As part of a good and fun party, music cannot be missing! Use the internet to search for music from the 60s and early 70s. Songs by Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Ronlling Stones and The Doors are the most searched.

To make it even more fun, place a colorful globe on the ceiling to give the place a disco effect. Smoke machine and black light are also great suggestions.

Colored beads cannot be missing. (Photo Disclosure)

hippie articles

Get some hippie items and ask all members to wear them at the time of the event. Do not exaggerate. Among the tips for characterization is wearing a bandana on the head, wigs, necklaces, bell-bottoms, faded denim skirts, colored glasses, vests or suede jackets with fringe, belt and beaded accessories, and sandals.

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Decorate chairs, cushions and tables and choose the location of the party. Color can take over. Flowers as part of the decoration also go well. Furniture and objects reminiscent of the countryside are also allowed.

To relax, set up bean bags and well-decorated tables. (Photo Disclosure)

In between party games, children can make objects out of God’s eyes, while teens draw symbols on each other’s faces. Games and boards of the time are also great games to liven up the party.

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For put together a hippie party decor it doesn’t take a lot of effort or money. Just unite creativity with old objects to create fun decor and a relaxed atmosphere.

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