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Tips for customizing vases: photos, templates

Flowers are great allies in decoration. They give more life to the environments, with their colors and perfumes, taking the coldness and sameness out of them. But not only are they important. The vases also add much more charm to the house and contribute to the more marked presence of the plants. see some tips for customizing vases and customize environments.

Creative vases give more charm to the decor (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Custom vase models

The image above shows a simple and easy idea for vase customization🇧🇷 Made with fabrics of different prints, this work can be performed by anyone. It’s a great idea to give a new look to objects you’ve already grown bored with. The choice of prints will depend on the colors of the decor. Try to combine them, even if each vase receives a different fabric.

For cover vases with fabric, just measure the size, cut and paste. Apply regular white glue to the vases, using a brush, then place the fabric little by little. Dilute the paste in a little water and, finally, apply the mixture on the fabric, waterproofing it.

Custom vase with coins (Photo: Disclosure)

The customization above results in a vase for more sober decoration. It is made with old coins. Just paint the vase, wait for it to dry and then stick the coins on top of it using hot glue (silicone). The same could be done with other objects. It all depends on your style. You can also use beads, buttons, and even sequins.

our neighbor custom vase model It’s quite common and easy to do. It is a good idea for those who like rustic decor, with handcrafted elements. To make it, sisal is used, which is a type of rope.

Vase covered with sisal (Photo: Disclosure)

Customize with sisal too easy. The string can be found in many craft stores and the price is affordable. Sisal thickness and colors vary.

to make a simple vase with sisal, just use hot glue. It is not necessary to apply it to the entire vase. Concentrate the glue on the edges, and on the rest, apply just a few drops of it. If the vases are inside the house and the sisal is very thin, it is also possible to use common white glue, but this cannot be in contact with sun or rain, as it will melt.

Pictures of custom vases

At ideas for custom vases are almost endless. When craft techniques are known, it is clear that the possibilities are more numerous. However, it is possible to play a little with the objects, trying new things and creating personalized vases. Check out our gallery and get inspired with very creative vase models.

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