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Tips for changing home decor in the New Year

check out Tips for changing home decor in the New Year🇧🇷 New year new house. There’s nothing better than starting a new year with a redecorated house and as the end of the year is a time of high expenses, there are several cheap and creative ideas to renovate your home decor without going into the red for next year. You can invest in small changes of objects or the position of old objects, put adhesive/wallpaper on walls, doors, furniture or even appliances. Another tip is to invest in a new painting on the walls, doors or furniture that decorate the house.

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Tips to change the decoration of the house in the New Year – Sometimes with a few changes we can leave the house with a new face (Photo: Disclosure)

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Tips for changing home decor in the New Year

Start the new year with the new house, check it out tips for changing home decor in the New Year🇧🇷

  • Door coated with fabric – The result is beautiful and super practical to make. All you need is some fabric glue, a fabric with a cool print that matches your home decor, and you’re done. Tips for doors that look good: end of hallway doors, closet doors, entrance doors and bedroom doors on the inside, especially in a child’s or teenager’s room where creativity is endless.

New pillows or a new blanket on the sofa can give the decor a new look (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Adhesive switch mirror – There are adhesive fabrics that can easily decorate the switches in your home! You can also bet on stickers in material similar to wallpaper to decorate the switches.
  • Shelves with a new look – There are decorative ribbons that are sold in different thicknesses and with different designs and even phrases. You can bet on these ribbons to decorate the shelves in your home.
  • Colored pillows – Including colored pillows in the decoration is something simple that renews the environment without much effort. A beautiful blanket with a bright color or a striking design also has this effect. You can also cover the pads to change them.
  • Colored film on windows – The film normally applied to car windows also has a place in the home. In color, the thin stickers transform any piece of furniture with a glass door or even windows.
  • Photos and frames – Nowadays we are losing the habit of developing photos. Eternize special moments with photo frames. The frames do not have to be the same or the same size. A well-made mix of different frames is a trend in decoration.
  • Rugs – Try swapping one piece for another in a very different color or pattern. But beware, too many rugs detract from the atmosphere and can make home decor feel crowded.

Pictures can give a new look to the room or any part of the house (Photo: Disclosure)

  • Curtains – Change the curtains or paint them the new home decor color.
  • Lighting – The light is like a kind of brush, it creates highlight or warmth depending on where it is positioned and the type of lamp used.

Decorative stickers can make all the difference

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