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Tips for changing decor without spending too much

The season, the month and even your mood change and you start to think I should change home decor🇧🇷 If the answer to this question is “yes”, know that it is possible to invest a lot to do this. With a little knowledge, imagination and work it is possible modify home decor all without investing a lot of money. Here are some tips to make everything look like new without leaving the damage:

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Make sofa covers to decorate your home (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Make sofa covers and cushions

Anyone who has a certain intimacy with the sewing machine or simply knows someone who can help with this function can invest in sofa covers and cushions to change the House decoration🇧🇷 It is important to choose seasonal fabrics, that is, in spring, prints, in summer, the house can be completely colorful with fabrics in warm tones and in winter, a touch of elegance with covers in more concentrated colors. Those who don’t like to risk a lot can stick with neutral tones.

Paint a wall to decorate

It’s nice to invest in painting one of the walls in the bedroom, living room or any other room that you want to make more modern using a brighter color. On the other walls, the choice should be for the use of light tones to take advantage of the lighting. The use of stickers on the walls also helps to make everything look brand new and very beautiful. THE your home decor changes a lot with the right choices.

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The vases can give a special touch to the decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

Invest in home accessories

Vases, mirrors and paintings are just a few examples of home decor accessories🇧🇷 Large department stores sell products with these characteristics at affordable prices. Just look in the right place at the right time, like at sales. Another important tip for those who want to invest in home decor without compromising is to look for elements at craft fairs. These places offer many almost exclusive pieces that can give a different touch to your decor.

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