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Tips for a safe kitchen

People are so used to walking around the kitchen that they hardly realize how dangerous this room can be. This is where the vast majority of the elements responsible for the main domestic accidents are located. Fire, hot oil, electricity, water, knives, oven, gas, among others. The habit of using all of this at the same time makes us stop thinking about the need for daily care, especially when there are children in the house. see some tips for a safe kitchen🇧🇷

Be careful what goes into the microwave

What this article covers:

kitchen objects

It’s worth starting with gas canister🇧🇷 Most of the population depends on it for cooking. The correct thing is that the gas is accommodated outside the room. This prevents explosions if a leak occurs. If it is inside the kitchen, you need to check the positioning and measurement of the hose. It must be a maximum of 70 cm. It should also stay away from the back of the stove. If it remains against it, the heat from the appliance can melt it, causing the leak. Finally, the test should be carried out with a sponge and detergent, whenever possible, on the part where the valve fits into the cylinder. For safety reasons, when you are not using the stove, turn off the gas tap.

Short sleeves, when cooking, are indicated (Photo: Disclosure)

Appliance wires should be checked frequently. They cannot be bare, under any circumstances. Whenever using the blender, toaster or any other appliance, do it in a dry place, away from water. Before handling anything that has electricity, dry your hands thoroughly.

other tips

Never place any object that contains metal inside the microwave🇧🇷 This will cause an explosion. It is also advisable that all foods with skins are pierced with a toothpick before going into the oven. This makes it easier for steam to escape from the inside.

whenever it is light the oven common, it is indicated to open your door, before. This prevents a possible accumulation of gas inside it.

When cooking, wear sleeveless clothing and keep napkins and paper away from pots and pans. This prevents the clothing fabric from tangling or fire reaching the fabric or paper.

Keeping knives sharp requires less force when cutting food.

Finally, be very careful with knives and sharp objects. The ideal is to always keep them sharp, so that their handling is easier. The intention is to use less force when cutting food. When placing them in the sink, avoid mixing them with other cutlery, as someone could cut themselves while washing dishes. With these tips, you will be free of domestic accidents🇧🇷

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