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Tips and precautions for renovating an old house

Those who build a house need to keep in mind that the property is not forever. At some point, the residence will have to undergo a renovation to repair the structure and even adapt to new architectural trends.

The old house can be renovated or restored. (Photo: Disclosure)

One old house requires a lot of care to be renovated. Any flaw in the project could compromise the structure and put the safety of residents at risk.

The passage of time makes some property items begin to deteriorateas is the case with wiring, so it’s important to plan for repairs and resolve issues as soon as possible.

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What this article covers:

Renovating the old house: tips and care

Check out a selection of tips and care to renovate the old house🇧🇷

• Before renovating the old house, it is necessary to check the available budget in order not to spend beyond the limit;

• In order not to make mistakes in the project, it is important to listen to an architect’s guidelines. The mason, the plumber and the painter are also professionals capable of identifying problems in the house;

Care must be taken not to damage the structure of the property. (Photo: Disclosure)

• At renovation of old propertyit is important to adopt sustainable attitudes, such as reusing tiles, taps and windows;

• In some cases, the property does not necessarily need to be renovated, but only restored. In the restoration, everything is kept the same as the original, but with adjustments in the hydraulic and electrical parts;

• Some old house elements they can be maintained and even enhanced, as is the case with the fireplace and the staircase that connects the two floors;

• It is important to avoid measures that could undermine the house structure, like tearing down walls. The project can only dare if there is the approval of an architect;

• The renovation of the old house needs to be closely monitored. Thus, the owner can immediately solve any problem that arises;

• A way to reform the old property in a simple way, it is investing in a new painting, both on the facade and in the internal rooms;

If the floor is badly worn, it must be replaced. (Photo: Disclosure)

• If the floor is very wornit is important that the owner opts for the exchange;

• A precarious electrical installation needs to be replaced immediately;

• Houses built between the 30s and 60s have structural problems, such as linings eaten by termites and seepage in roofs. Specialized labor will certainly help solve these problems;

• If the property is over 70 years old and it has been abandoned for a long time, its renovation can become more expensive and require drastic measures.

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