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tips and photos to inspire

American cuisine: tips and photos to inspire – The coziest part of the house is the kitchen, the place where the family gathers for meals and sometimes even for a chat, it is really a meeting point inside the home. For this reason, American-style cuisine has gained more fans and become more common in Brazil.

What this article covers:

American cuisine: tips and photos to inspire

American cuisine is kitchen and living room environment without separating walls, only divided by a bench. It works like this: whoever is in the pantry can see who is in the dining room and vice versa, this union of two different environments favors small places, facilitates communication between people and gives the house a special charm.

This type of environment provides greater interaction, so never cook alone! Can you imagine making dinner for friends and ending up alone in the kitchen, while your guests have fun chatting in the dining room? The American kitchen is great for keep up the conversation while cooking🇧🇷 Never again will you have just the stove for company.

with that kitchen style the rooms seem bigger🇧🇷 This is one of the reasons why this type of room has become a passion for those who love decoration. To increase the feeling of space, the use of white color on the floor and walls is a good solution. Also explore the glass on top of the table that separates the environments or in the cabinets.

to keep the kitchen integrated with another area of ​​the house you need to be careful:

  • The floor must be the same in both environments;
  • Furniture and appliances need to be in harmony so that the rooms don’t clash so much, remember that they are part of the house’s decor;
  • American kitchen is seen by everyone who enters the house, keep everything organized at all times, as the area will be visible. Dirty dishes and dirt in the sink will not look good.
  • Use appliances that minimize the smell of grease or smoke that comes out of some foods. The hood or extractor hood are good options, as they prevent the smell of grease from circulating through the environments. Another option is to keep the environment well ventilated.

How to make the environment semi-integrated

THE kitchen may not be fully integrated into another environment🇧🇷 The division can be subtle, for example, in the image below where the separation was made by a wooden bench (in white).

Another way to leave the kitchen semi-integrated is to use a masonry counter, but if you prefer, use materials such as MDF, wood, granite, tiles, glass or quartz. Get inspired by the photos of American kitchens and use your architect side!

Take advantage of the tips and innovate your kitchen decor, enjoy and check out the best offers on Appliances for you to assemble the most beautiful and practical kitchen.

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