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Tips and care for those who decorate with natural flowers

There are thousands of ways to decorate and each one of them has its own style. However, flowers never went out of fashion and always combined with any type of decoration, from the most modern to the most rustic. The flower needs care and, for this very reason, there are artificial species that try to reproduce a natural plant and do not need so much attention. In addition, through them it is possible to decorate with flowers that are not in season. But there are people who don’t give up natural flowers in decoration­čçž­čçĚ Here are some tips and care that help extend the life of the plants.

Care prolongs the life of flowers in decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

How to care for natural flowers

Providing water to the plant is the basic thing to do, but care is not limited to that. You also need to prepare the flowers so they can absorb the liquid more efficiently.

Firstly, for take care of natural plants, it is not necessary to drown them, inside the vase. Three fingers, approximately, of water are enough for them to absorb what they need.

Before long, the water in the toilet will become cloudy and dirty. Anyone who thinks that plants like any type of water is wrong. It is necessary to change the liquid 2 or 3 times a week and this is not related only to the danger of dengue. Natural flowers like clean water.

Little light helps keep the flowers

so that the decoration with natural flowers remain beautiful for longer, it is recommended to cut a small piece of the stem at each water change. A longitudinal cut should be made, as this way the plant will absorb water more easily and in greater quantity.

For decorate with natural flowers, you can buy them in specialized stores, pick them directly from the ground or use them when you get a flower arrangement. If the person chooses species to take home, the tip is to pay close attention to the condition of the plant. Carefully analyze the flowers, checking whether there are injuries to their stems, whether their petals are beautiful and lush, and whether other parts of the plant are nice and clean. Often, they can contain pests and this is easily noticed, with a closer observation. If there are buttons, it will be even better, as they will last longer.

Water does not need to be in excess.

To decorate with natural flowers, you also need to choose the right places, as they will last much longer. It is not indicated to place them under intense light and heat. The plant needs light, but it must receive it indirectly. If there are buds, the shade will make them take longer to open, keeping the decoration longer. Strong winds are also bad for flowers, as they cause them to wither quickly.

Finally, keep the vases clean not only by changing the water, but also by removing yellowed leaves and petals, as they are a source of bacteria proliferation.

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