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Tiles with prints to decorate your home, photos

🇧🇷Tiles with prints to decorate your home, photos‘ is what you are looking for? So know that there are many options for ceramic, colored and printed pieces that promise to “up” the look of the environments.

Tiles with prints to decorate your home, photos. (Photo: Disclosure)

O colorful ceramic mosaic it was very common in the past. The houses, mainly the kitchen and the bathroom, received a decoration with patterned tiles🇧🇷 These pieces, in turn, bet on a diversity of colors and meticulous details. Faced with the success of minimalism, the refinement of ceramics was forgotten for a long time. But in recent years, the trend has been revived.

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You patterned tiles make environments more cheerful and welcoming. They bring out the beauty of hydraulic tiles, which were successful in the 30’s and 40’s. There are countless tile patterns, but the best known is the Portuguese style. The main characteristic of Portuguese ceramics is its elaborate designs, which depict graphics, flowers and arabesques. Another characteristic element of the Portuguese tile is the combination of blue and white.

The hydraulic tile is being resumed. (Photo: Disclosure)

When it comes to ‘dressing’ the house with colored and patterned tiles, it is important to take some precautions. For example, if you want a simpler composition that doesn’t get bored easily, then ceramics with a pattern should only appear in the details. It is also important not to work with many different colors and patterns in the same environment, otherwise the aesthetics will become visually polluted.

Tiles in the kitchen. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Patterned tile in the bathroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out some ideas from tiles with prints to decorate your home, photos inspirational ideas and smart solutions so you don’t have to change the entire coating in your home.

A mix of patterned tiles

The main decoration proposals defend a simpler and minimalist design. However, some people want to leave this style aside and bet on a more colorful composition to decorate the house. A good option is to choose a wall in the house and cover it with a mix of tiles, as if it were a patchwork job. Try this in the kitchen or dining room.

Patchwork of patterned tiles. (Photo: Disclosure)

A single print pattern

Cover with patterned tiles it doesn’t always mean making a multicolored and cloying composition. The pieces can have the same type of design and be monochromatic.

Tile with the same print pattern. (Photo: Disclosure)

Tiles make the kitchen more welcoming. (Photo: Disclosure)

adhesive tiles

Not everyone is willing to buy patterned tile designs and have all the renovation work done. To simplify the lives of residents, adhesives for ceramics were created. These self-adhesive tiles are easy to install, are moisture resistant and are the exact size of the tile. The stickers that simulate a tiled surface are inspired by different themes, such as Pop Art, Rock and Pin Up.

Pin Ups tile stickers. (Photo: Disclosure)

Pop Art tile stickers. (Photo: Disclosure)

be inspired by tiles with prints to decorate your home, photos and decorating tips to make residential environments more personality.

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